2016 was a year to remember

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We are a company that is very focused on the future. Our goals are big, hairy and audacious and will take a long time to reach. Everyone here at Triggre knows that. And so we work hard, our eyes fixed on the future, and as soon as one task is done, we quickly hop on to the next one. For the small team that we are, we generate an enormous amount of productivity.

What I have come to realize over the past few years is that this makes it hard to see the enormous progress we have already made. All we see is the road ahead and the next step to take, ever onward to change the world. And that sentiment means we sometimes fail to see how far we have already come.

That is why I have asked everyone at Triggre to send me the 3 things they are most proud of that we as a team have achieved this year. From that list, I created this blogpost.

Research and Development

On the R&D front, we have had a lot of progress that will likely have gone unnoticed to most. On the one hand that is because we have been working on a huge release, scheduled early 2017, codename Gulliver. On the other hand, it is because our team does a fantastic job in making sure that R&D can work on their part, while our guides and sales work on theirs.

In 2016 we have successfully completely re-designed our designer, of which we are now implementing the last remaining features. Our code base has been largely re-written, resulting in smaller, smarter code. We revised our test strategy as well, to get better coverage and faster tests, which results in even higher quality.

Recently we added some skilled frontend engineers to our team, which has greatly increased the development speed of our upcoming release. Or, in Ilya’s own words, he got a job at a great company, with a friendly team, good facilities and great opportunities to grow professionally.

People also told me that working on Triggre is fun. And that is the best compliment we can make ourselves, I think. Because everyone is a part of that.


This year we have successfully designed and implemented our marketing process, which we tested in 2015. Now we create weekly blog posts, which are automatically posted on Twitter and LinkedIn, automatically liked and shared and that way attract more people to our website. Courtesy of the new content marketing application we built in Triggre for ourselves.

Speaking of the website, we gave our website a huge overhaul too. It is now easier to navigate, contains more crisp information about Triggre and has a beautiful blog for our posts to find a home. The website and content marketing process and application all contribute to our steady growth in visitor numbers. For example, we more than doubled the number of visitors and the number of trial requests when compared to last year.

Currently we are finalizing a completely new trial experience for customers. The new trial is fully automated, meaning we will no longer have to manually manage creation and deletion of trial instances. But most importantly, it is more fun to do. It should be available early January, so make sure to visit our site come New Year’s!


From the beginning, the first step in our strategy has been acquiring a number of big names as customers of Triggre, who are willing to act as a reference for new customers. Anyone who has built a business, or is trying to build a business, will know how hard it is to get big names sold on a small company with revolutionary technology. And this year we have acquired a number of fantastic new customers.

Amongst others, NCR and OCI Nitrogen got started with Triggre this year. Both of which are more than happy to act as references for us and are already starting more projects that use Triggre, which is an enormous step towards our goal!

More recently we started working with a few international partners and leads, which means the seeds have been planted for 2017. In order to get such customers on board, our Guides have had to work very hard to prepare demos and presentations, for people all over Europe and even in America. Seeing how well they worked together on those occasions, is truly amazing.


Earlier in 2016 we also moved to a new office, which is a lot more start-up like. And with that change people have also started to adopt a more casual dress-code. Antoine would like to take credit for this fashion change. And although we’re not really sure that’s actually what happened, we’re happy to give it to him. Well done. But you can forget about that beard-thing going viral!

Amidst all of this, Archy found time to get married this year and have his honeymoon in Phuket. Not only that, he also managed to find a place to build their home, which they will start next year. Congrats! Oh, and his wife had sick moves when we all went to see Armin van Buuren together as well!

All in all, it is a privilege to work with such a smart, hard-working and motivated team. It is great to see that we are having so much fun, getting so much done and are growing as a team each step of the way. I am extremely thankful, humbled and inspired by what this team has achieved this year.

Thank you!

So a big, BIG thank you to everyone working at Triggre, to our customers and to all of you who believe in what we are working so hard for to accomplish. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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