Release notes 2017-09-01

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Release notes 2017-09-01

Completely redesigned

The first version of Triggre was good, but we felt that it wasn’t yet great. So instead of taking the easy road and building on top of our first version, we decided to completely change the designer. Our aim was to make Triggre even easier, even faster and most importantly even more fun to use!

That meant that we threw out the entire concept of our Designer, and started redesigning it completely. After months of discussion, drawing, writing and researching, our new concept was finished in early 2015. Making complex things simple however, is not easy. The next 2.5 years were spent rewriting almost every line of code we had written to that point in time.

Greatly improved work flow

This release introduces a completely new work flow, introducing multiple ground-breaking concepts. Users can now make flow parts, which are small, re-usable processes. These can be used in automation flows, which run automatically without any user input, and user flows, which provide a graphical representation of how the user navigates between pages, and which processes are executed in between.

Finally, using appearance, you can now visually edit what your application looks like. When designing is done, simply publish your application with a single click, and you’re done!

Follow the dots

One of the most frustrating parts of making software is finding out what is wrong with your application. But now, with our unique follow the dots feature, you can simply follow the red dots to find out where something you changed, causes an inconsistency. Simply click the red colored item, go through the wizard steps, and the problem is solved!


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