2017 just flew by at Triggre

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What a year! It is hard to fathom we are almost living in 2018. So much has happened: it’s unbelievable it fits into a single year…

Events, events… and more events

At the start of this year, Triggre went to visit CeBIT in Hannover, together with our partner Seeburger. We had a small startup stand there, which was attracting many people to see what we were about. Of course, we told them all about our platform and where we are going with the company. We also pitched at a startup event that was held at CeBIT, which was a lot of fun. Overall, we met a lot of interesting people, and got Triggre known to a bigger audience.

EVG Start, who offer traineeships for future IT managers in the Netherlands, organize an EVG Café twice a year. EVG Cafés are very interesting events where several speakers pose a real-life problem they ran into and the rest of the attendees offer solutions, working together in small groups. We had the opportunity to help EVG Start organize one Café by arranging speakers for the event. If you get the opportunity to join an EVG Café, grab it. Learning something valuable is guaranteed.

Apart from these events with partners, we also organized customer events. We’ve had an event to show our customers a sneak peek of the big release that was coming up, as well as multiple other customer events. This is definitely something that we will be stepping up in 2018!

New customers

In 2017 we have managed to more than double the number of customers we have! Companies, big and small, have joined our movement to change the way business applications are made and maintained. On behalf of our entire team: welcome to Triggre!

What I find very interesting is the variety of companies that use Triggre. From startups to multinationals, warehouse management to customer portals. This means that our guides gain ever more knowledge about solutions that might work in completely different companies as well. Our guides are keen to make sure that if they have a good idea for your company, they will tell you, so you can maximally benefit from using Triggre within your organization. We call this ‘pro-active guidance’.

Making a difference

On September 1st we released a completely new version of Triggre. Those who have been following us for the past 5 years may know that our goal is to completely change the way business applications are made. Instead of programmers, we want business users to make these applications.

To achieve this, Triggre must be the easiest way to make business software. And while our previous version was very good and a lot easier than programming, we knew it wasn’t enough. That’s why we worked on this new version behind the scenes for 3 years. Releasing it was a huge milestone for our company, and the feedback from customers and prospects has simply been amazing.

However, this release was only the first step. And while this was a huge first step, we are continuously improving Triggre in smaller steps. Every 2 to 3 weeks we release a new version, which introduces features that make Triggre easier to use and make Triggre usable for more cases. Make sure you stay tuned in 2018!

Looking forward to 2018

With such a great year almost behind us, it’s time to look forward. 2018 is promising to be another fantastic year, albeit in a completely different way. We feel that this year we’ve been able to show our customers what it can be like to work with Triggre. Next year, we are going to put that into overdrive.

I want to close with a big thank you to our customers, employees, and fans, for believing in Triggre and what it stands for. Without you, all that we do would not be possible. Let’s continue showing the world that making software can be easy, fast and fun in 2018!

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