Adrie’s story

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Adrie Dore, Logistics Manager Services at NCR, works for distribution centers in EMEA.

A place where hundreds of inbound and outbound parcels are shipped on a daily basis.

Most of the time these parcels contain important items, such as parts needed to repair or replace cash machines or registers.

These parcels need to be delivered on time at NCR’s customers, which are mainly banks and retail organizations.

Executing these logistic operations is an intensive and time-consuming activity. Moreover, a lot of specific knowledge is needed.

For example, knowledge of products, carriers, SLA arrangements and pricing. This makes the logistics operations an expensive process.

In order to save time and money, Adrie came up with two interesting ideas.

He wanted to find out two things:

  1. Which parcels could be combined and simultaneously shipped?
  2. What could be the best day and way to ship them. 

Adrie felt that by consolidating parcels and improving timing, transportation costs could be decreased.

“I knew what needed to be changed, but I didn’t have the time or the money to hire an expensive team of programmers. Then someone told me about Triggre.”

Adrie and his team created something truly special with the Triggre platform.

They created a smart algorithm that calculates several scenarios based on multiple relevant variables.

Think about variables like transportation cost per kilogram, desired ETA and alternative carriers.

By changing this process, Logistics Services operations saves up to 3 FTE at each distribution center.

The out of pocket spend on transportation cost decreased by € 300K per year, per distribution center. 

The Triggre application NRC is using keeps track of the entire process, manages the consolidation process of purchase orders and selects the right carrier on the right day.

In addition, the application is designed for scalability and will be released in 4 other NCR distribution centers across the globe.

Well done Adrie! Are you next? 😉

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