Behind the scenes

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It has been a while since we updated you on our endeavors regarding adding more and more functionality to Triggre. This, of course, does not mean that nothing is happening. Behind the scenes, the work never stops.

Success is a process

When we released our current version, we had already put in countless man-years of work into it. The danger of delivering such an enormous project is that when you are done, you relax a little, sit back and enjoy your accomplishment.

Not at Triggre. As mentioned by our CTO Jesse in his interview about the new version of Triggre, we have set big goals. And in order to achieve those, we need to constantly reevaluate the way Triggre works. Only when we do that, we’re able to keep improving. We want to empower people and make software creation fun. As you can imagine, we will not reach this goal overnight.

What does happen overnight

One of the things that do happen overnight, is making a new release available to our customers. Since the major release on the first of September, we have had 6 smaller releases, all chock-full of new features and big improvements.

So, what kind of improvements have we been making? First, we started with bettering the user experience of Triggre, making it even clearer what you can edit and when. Then, we started adding more functions to our rule editor. This allows the user to create rules to add and remove items from lists meaning manual work is reduced even more.

In the release after that, we went for another functionality feast with the introduction of pick lists, allowing the user to easily create and reuse simple lists. With this feature the speed at which you can create your own application increased, again. And with the following release, we added automatically generated “create”, “edit” and “delete” functions for your data as well as an add-on to the pick lists. This add-on allows you to pre-fill form fields with items from your list, so the users of your application are guided in the right direction.

We also introduced two killer features in November. The first are repeat actions, which allow the reuse of parts of a process to make a process even more powerful. The second is creating and storing signatures in Triggre. You can even sign directly in Triggre, using your mouse or finger on a touch screen. Since electronic signatures are legal in Europe, this provides a huge opportunity in digitalization for our customers.

Full speed ahead

As you can read, we are always on the lookout for new, cool and useful features for Triggre. If you are curious about these new features, you can always check our release notes. If you have ideas, make sure to let us know. Together with our customers, we find the right enhancements for Triggre and we fully intend to keep going at this pace!

Author: Dagmar Ingelse

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