Bouwe’s story

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Bouwe Koopal is an entrepreneur and writer. He is excited about IT and business development.

The complexity of the IT industry surprises him time and again.

Because business questions that look easy at first, typically lead to extensive projects with a lot of misery.

“What I like about Triggre is the simplicity of generating an application based on a business process. Without any technical knowledge.”

Today Bouwe uses Triggre as a solution for customers like GGD Friesland.

By training people at GGD he gives them the ability to anticipate easily on changing processes and adjust applications right away.

“I don’t need programmers or consultants to do this. Having a good understanding of processes is enough to start working with Triggre. I can support and train GGD.”

Do you also want to train and support your customers to create applications? Check this video for inspiration or jump start your Triggre experience with a template.

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