Communicating digital change

There are many ways to deal with digital in your company. While the importance of a thorough digital strategy is becoming increasingly clear, just having a strategy will not bring you home. Having a well thought out plan, of course, is only one facet of a digital transformation. In the results of the recent Harvey Nash […]

Stop increasing programming speed. It is a waste of time.

The world is moving at a faster pace than it used to. Okay, technically the velocity with which the earth revolves around its own axis hasn’t changed much. However, life on that moving spheroid keeps speeding up. It was normal to wait weeks or months before your mail arrived by horse and carriage. Now, we […]

Frugality in software development kills security

It’s a nightmare for any company. A data leak. Since last year, European companies have to adhere to strict rules on handling data leaks. Of course, once you have a data leak it is already too late. So what do companies have to do to improve the security of their applications? Security is not a feature […]

How do you know your applications are secure?

In recent years, the media attention on the lack of security has increased. Every day we hear about data being stolen, systems being hacked and held for ransom and now even election campaigns being targeted. What reason do you have to believe that your company name will not be among those being thrown out in the media? […]

Application security is harder than you might think

Developers are expected to write secure applications. Managers often think that making something secure can’t be that hard. It’s the developer’s job, right? So how hard can it be? As we’ll demonstrate in this real-world example, it can be extremely hard. We will be taking a look at how easy it is to implement login […]

The hidden problem that is killing your Scrum team’s productivity

Over the past decade, agile has taken over as the most popular way to develop software. If you were to suggest a waterfall model today, where each phase of a project has a well defined deliverable, you will almost certainly be laughed at. Agile, and in particular Scrum, is perceived by many as the ultimate […]

The lazy designer

“Always choose a lazy man to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it.” A funny quote, usually (and questionably) attributed to Bill Gates. The saying always struck me as unfair. If someone finds an easy way to do a difficult job, they are not lazy, they are smart. […]

No-code platforms: A developer’s delight

We are headed for an enormous IT shortage. One glance at even the most standard job sites shows that developers are in high demand. The term “developer” alone, gives 40 pages of results on for example. Usually, we focus on how this is bad for business. Today, I want to make it more personal: salary […]

Business lessons from the world of sports: basics, basics, basics

Playing sports at a very high competitive level is very rewarding. That one throw, shot, or move that makes a difference is what people watching sports love to see. Contrary to popular belief, skill actually has very little to do with making a difference at the highest level. The next level When I started playing […]

Every founder should watch this 2011 sports movie

There are few movies that have shaped my view on teams as much as Moneyball. It tells the story of how Billy Beane coached the 2002 Oakland Athletics team to victory in the American League West, after seeing 3 of their main players leave the team after the 2001 season. This movie is simply fantastic. And […]