Brand new: code name Gulliver

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Amersfoort, May 19, 2017 – Triggre set out to invent an entirely new way of creating software. We felt that making complex business applications should be faster, easier and more fun. And when we entered the market, we wanted nothing more than to prove all the above being possible.

Thanks to the innovators

Before we launched, during the time we were building Triggre, we dealt with a lot of skepticism. We were told there was no such thing as easily and rapidly creating software without technical knowledge. Same as for any other product, Triggre needed customers to prove the non-believers wrong.

That is exactly why our customers are literally invaluable in Triggre’s story. It takes immensely innovative people to risk trying something completely different.

Yes, there is risk in trying

Innovators have something in common. They are brave enough to rethink entire processes. They do not believe in good enough, they want great. The willingness to take risks to greatly improve, is what sets them apart.

Because beside the fact that innovation can be a bit scary, it also comes with a certain risk. Taking this risk, however, has led to huge advantages for our clients.

These clients have helped us prove our vision and we absolutely love them for that. But when we say that we want to make the creation of software faster, easier and more fun, we mean for everyone, not only the innovators.

Secretly building the future

Like our clients, we are innovators as well. We keep moving forward, creating new and better ways to make software yourself. And in order for our customers to keep innovating, software must become a commodity. Not only using software, also the creation of it.

That’s why we have been secretly working on a project to make Triggre even faster, easier and more fun to use. Internally, the project is known as Gulliver. First reactions of the few people we have shown it to, have been incredible.

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