Vendor management

Vendor management tool for IT services. Offering global transparancy in all IT vendor contracts, SLA, available products and services. The tool supports vendor management and purchasing processes.

Data Diana

Connect multiple datasources, combine and use data in smart data driven workflows. Compare actuals with planning or manage exceptions effortless.

Cody Compliance

Automate compliance as much as possible by offering your team a system that helps fill out necessary data, keep track of performance and extract data from processes.

Captain Customer

Provide your B2B customers with a portal to manage contracts, orders, invoices and deliveries. Use a customer portal for tailored communication in a efficient way. Connect with ERP for real time insights, extend with CRM functionality for sales and field services.

Rocky Reportoa

Reliable and predictable execution of work, delivery of orders or projects is essential. Usually keeping everyone posted takes a lot of time. This progress reporting tool knocksout time consuming status updates.