Process support

Adkwadraat supports Regional Healthcare Organizations (GGD) with smart process support solutions, replacing manual repetitive work, excels and emails.

Exam management

Over 75K of participant bookings, extensive exam management system. Portals for students, trainers, examiners. Connected with over 20 systems including several civil services.

Invoice portal

Quality assurance system of van 30 healthcare organizations. The Triggre portal is used for planning, contract management and annual invoicing.

Data Diana

Connect multiple datasources, combine and use data in smart data driven workflows. Compare actuals with planning or manage exceptions effortless.

Barry Backoffice

Provide an easy to use self service portal to employees formanaging benefits, claims, refunds, expenses, commissions and more. Save time by automating procedures and event driven tasks.

Sunny Supplier

Offer your suppliers a comprehensive portal. Connect with your ERP. Provide suppliers with real time insights in upcoming purchase orders. Support compliance self-service for certifications, forms, declarations for quality and customs purposes.

Cody Compliance

Automate compliance as much as possible by offering your team a system that helps fill out necessary data, keep track of performance and extract data from processes.

Percy Purchase

Manage budget, purchasing and actuals in a workflow tool. Generate purchase orders, define an approval workflow over multiple levels or departments based on variables like budgets, amounts and authority.

Albert Approval

Provide sophisticated workflows for invoice and budget approval. Compare budget and actuals, manage exceptions and anticipate in an early stage.

Invoice Irwin

Send and receive digital invoices in any format such as XML or EDI. Connect customers and suppliers in an integrated proces. Realize cost savings in an efficiency way.