Digitization and automation: what’s the difference and why do you need both?

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Simply put, digitization comprises the processing of analogue actions in a system. It is often confused with automation – which, in fact, takes digitization to a whole different level by performing procedures automatically. Basically, digitization is merely a first step – and only after that, things tend to get really interesting. Therefore, it’s a shame that automation is often overlooked!

From digitization to automation: an example

From rental agreements to phone contracts: a company usually enters all its legal paperwork into one system, eliminating traditional binders and increasing control as well as efficiency. But all that digitally available information is just lying there. How can you make it work to your advantage?

Suppose your company is a cell phone provider. All customer contracts have been entered into the system. Now, automation would allow you to indicate that you’d like to receive a notification of all contracts that will expire in three months. As a result, you will be able to automatically send out periodic renewal offers to customers that may be thinking about switching to your competitor – in due time and without a lot of effort.

Today, companies that utilize automation in such smart ways are the ones that perform best in terms of growth and revenue. Not surprising, as simplifying time-consuming processes is a profitable endeavor.

How about your organization?

Would you like to make automation work for your company, too? There’s no need to bring in all kinds of experts – like consultants and programmers – that drag you through months of preparatory work. Triggre abridges the process, allowing you to automate at your own pace. Just register and carry out your first idea. With Triggre, you can take it step by step.

Say, it’s three months later and automation is working great for you. Now, you’d like to automate a range of tasks – for example, in an online customer portal, leading customers seamlessly through all the steps in a purchasing process, making it a breeze to buy your products. To this end, you can create a flow that can be used to perform all tasks from start to finish without the need for additional explanatory information. Such user-friendly solutions can be realized in no time using Triggre.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t stop after you’ve digitized. Automate. Start today!

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