Why 2019 was a great year

Last year, when we looked back on 2018, we mentioned that it was an eventful year. Well – we had no idea! Of course, in 2018 we required amazing new customers, explored new industries and had external and internal growth as a company. But that turned out to be just a test for 2019.

Creating pages in Triggre
There were some big plans for 2019 and a lot has changed in just one year. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress that was made as a product, team and community. For example, you can now use the new page editor in Triggre. By using the page editor, creating a page in your application is done by adding items to a page in a visual way. This gives you a much better idea of what your page will look like in your application and is as easy as can be.

A complete online course
The Triggre Academy celebrated its 1-year anniversary in July 2019. We used to host real life introduction sessions, so you could come and find out more about Triggre. If you signed up for the Academy, you had to follow actual classes at our office. This was awesome – but it could be better. That’s why we decided to shake it up a bit and create a whole new Triggre Academy.

Instead of a real life session you can now join a free, online webinar and instead of going to a class, you can now follow an online course with videos. We also launched a new website, fully dedicated to the Academy, so you can go through each course at your own speed and whenever you want!

Triggre community
One thing that made 2019 a really impressive year, is the Triggre Creator community. Our platform was created for professionals like you, that want to create awesome business applications without the technical knowledge – and that is exactly what’s happening right now.

Lots of new Creators have joined Triggre in 2019 and are now creating applications on their own, each application more impressive than the other. Our big goal for 2020 is to expand this community in every way possible and to set up a whole network of Triggre Guides, so more and more people can be independent when it comes to creating applications. We are so ready! Are you?