Let me introduce you to a person. Someone to take into account. He probably works at the same company, or in the same office. Maybe it’s even you. His name is Chief 2.0 and he is a professional smart guy.

Maybe you remember the chief 1.0. He was a professional smart guy too, but he always wanted to play it safe. When carrying out IT projects, it took weeks or even months to define the scope and write a plan. Fully detailed he presented his plan. Only shortly after this painstaking period of writing, it appeared that the plan was already outdated. According to his coworkers other requirements needed to be implemented. Progressive insight, they said.

People who embrace change

Sure, Chief 1.0 was a capable manager. In his era. But he did not like changes. Rather he searched for stability and guarantees.

The world is changing fast. And it is going to change even faster. Companies need to implement the mentality that enables them to change as fast as required. They need people who embrace change. They need more Chiefs 2.0.

Chief 2.0: no change, no go

A chief 2.0:

  • Is a smart thinker;
  • Spots opportunities and grabs them;
  • Is an adventurer, likes pioneering with new technology;
  • Has the urge to improve things;
  • Does not accept the status quo;
  • Inspires and motivates people;
  • Gets things done!

Do you embrace change? Do you get things done?

Maybe you are the star for your company, because you are a Chief 2.0!

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