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1000x Faster than Programming – Part 3: Our Strategy

In my previous two posts, I described the Simplicity / Functionality diagram and explained what the pitfalls of certain strategies are. In this third and final post of this short series, I will explain our vision on getting to Quadrant 4. For Triggre this means that it is usable by business users, who have no […]

1000x Faster than Programming – Part 2: Impossible Strategies

In my previous post I discussed the simplicity / functionality quadrant, which gives a good starting point to discuss strategies. If you haven’t read that post, I suggest you read it first and then return to this post. For reference, this is our quadrant: Moving to another quadrant There are many tools that live in quadrant […]

What you can learn from a tiny European country

One of the most persistent prejudices around is that governments, both local as well as national, implement changes at an excruciatingly slow pace. Not because a government does not desire change but because, not unlike large companies, governments tend to get limited by legacy. Things have been “going the way they are” for such a […]

Guest blog – Digital logistics doesn’t require IT!

Coordinating processes better without extra pressure on IT: it is possible. And supply chain management employees who act as a link between managers, suppliers, procurement, and other parties involved want to know how. Because it will save time- and costs, and boosts their efficiency. As a Distribution Supplier Manager, I figured that a hassle-free software solution would […]

Soon-to-be-released version of Triggre: “Less buttons, more options, greater fun!”

At Triggre, we believe that everyone should be able to make software. Today, CTO and co-founder Jesse Meijers explains the company’s vision as well as the newest version of Triggre, which will soon be released. “Creating software quickly, smoothly, and easily” The IT hassle that many businesses struggle with can be solved through empowerment. “There is […]

Hassle-free software creation: join the new movement!

A new movement is gaining ground in the business community, and it is based on one simple question: How can I make software without IT? People who understand processes should be able to roll up their sleeves and implement their ideas without having to walk the beaten IT path before getting tangible results. Their creativity […]

Guest blog- Innovating empowerment

At AtoomClub, we believe in a selection of key values to set us apart from other concepts. The thing is, that values may remain theoretical and only start to contribute to your business when they are practiced. Not by some, but through the entire organization. Simply put, talking about these values is only the first step. […]