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Triggre’s most mention-worthy releases of 2018

At Triggre, we always focus on improving. That is why back in 2017, we launched a whole new version of Triggre. Following this big release we expanded Triggre with a range of cool features over the course of 2018. Moreover, we have upgraded our trial process to a version that’s even cooler than it was […]

The Triggre Academy: Is it right for you?

In July 2018, we held our first introductory session to make people acquainted with our newly set-up Triggre Academy. Initially, we invited the ‘Creators’: those whose main task it is to make applications for organizations and like to do it. But we quickly noticed that our training program attracted a much broader target group! People […]

Triggre went to the CeBIT in Hannover

Amersfoort, May 7, 2017 – In May 2017, the Triggre team went to Hannover, Germany and visit the CeBIT, Europe’s Leading Digital event. Triggre was invited to the Welcome Night on the night before the CeBIT started. It was off to a good start with speeches from Angela Merkel and Shinzö Abe and a dance […]