Why 2019 was a great year

Last year, when we looked back on 2018, we mentioned that it was an eventful year. Well – we had no idea! Of course, in 2018 we required amazing new customers, explored new industries and had external and internal growth as a company. But that turned out to be just a test for 2019.

Creating pages in Triggre
There were some big plans for 2019 and a lot has changed in just one year. We couldn’t be more proud of the progress that was made as a product, team and community. For example, you can now use the new page editor in Triggre. By using the page editor, creating a page in your application is done by adding items to a page in a visual way. This gives you a much better idea of what your page will look like in your application and is as easy as can be.

A complete online course
The Triggre Academy celebrated its 1-year anniversary in July 2019. We used to host real life introduction sessions, so you could come and find out more about Triggre. If you signed up for the Academy, you had to follow actual classes at our office. This was awesome – but it could be better. That’s why we decided to shake it up a bit and create a whole new Triggre Academy.

Instead of a real life session you can now join a free, online webinar and instead of going to a class, you can now follow an online course with videos. We also launched a new website, fully dedicated to the Academy, so you can go through each course at your own speed and whenever you want!

Triggre community
One thing that made 2019 a really impressive year, is the Triggre Creator community. Our platform was created for professionals like you, that want to create awesome business applications without the technical knowledge – and that is exactly what’s happening right now.

Lots of new Creators have joined Triggre in 2019 and are now creating applications on their own, each application more impressive than the other. Our big goal for 2020 is to expand this community in every way possible and to set up a whole network of Triggre Guides, so more and more people can be independent when it comes to creating applications. We are so ready! Are you?

Triggre’s most mention-worthy releases of 2018

At Triggre, we always focus on improving. That is why back in 2017, we launched a whole new version of Triggre. Following this big release we expanded Triggre with a range of cool features over the course of 2018.

Moreover, we have upgraded our trial process to a version that’s even cooler than it was before. All in all, it was a productive year for our team. Please allow us to briefly share our 2018 release highlights!

From creation to launch: Triggre never sits still

In 2018, we have created and launched many interesting things, which we collect under our release notes. But since we just started a fresh, new year, we will list some of our most mention-worthy releases of 2018 below.

  • New document editor
    Quickly create professional, great-looking invoices, inventory lists, letters, and other documents based on the data in your application. Embrace Triggre’s document editor and design your documents in an innovative, easy way.
  • E-mail attachments
    After creating and uploading documents within Triggre, you can attach those documents to your e-mails. This can be PDFs that you made in the document editor, files uploaded by your co-workers or customers or files that you have uploaded before. It’s all possible!
  • Jumping between user flows
    We can image that you’d want to reuse a user flow at a different spot, without recreating all its functionalities from scratch again. In 2018 we have made it possible to jump from one user flow to the other, just by using a simple button.
  • Connection between Triggre and Zapier
    Ever heard of Zapier? It’s a platform , which allows you to connect web applications with each other, in little workflows. Triggre can now connect with Zapier, which means that an action in Triggre can make something happen in another application – and the other way around!
  • Designer lines
    When you design your application, you create connections in your data model and flows. When holding your mouse over items or selecting them, unconnected items will fade out, to provide more insight into the things that are and are not interconnected. Check out our video for an example.

Let the new year begin

We are very proud of the way in which our product continues to help our customers automate their processes. We are confident that we can expand 2018’s positive developments in 2019, and we look forward to another fruitful year!

The Triggre Academy: Is it right for you?

Triggre Academy

In July 2018, we held our first introductory session to make people acquainted with our newly set-up Triggre Academy. Initially, we invited the ‘Creators’: those whose main task it is to make applications for organizations and like to do it. But we quickly noticed that our training program attracted a much broader target group!

People in all age ranges, industries, and professions were interested – from life-long programmers to employees who had recently switched jobs and were suddenly responsible for software creation within their company. So what exactly is the appeal of the Triggre Academy? Could it be useful for you too?

Automation: a new way of thinking

Triggre is a user-friendly, easy-to-work-with platform, even if you’re not software-savvy. It allows you to develop and realize your creative ideas quickly, thus getting the drag out of automation processes. To use it effectively, however, you will need to learn the basics. An introductory session is an excellent way of introducing you not only to the Triggre Academy, but also to a new way of thinking when it comes to automation.

Within a few hours, your view of company processes can change significantly, unlocking the creative mind. Together, we take a look at one pre-selected process and discuss the way in which it can be translated to Triggre. We have experienced that participants are quick to join in on the conversation, and at some point, they conceive new ideas – both for themselves and for their fellow participants.

Give it a try!

While we created the Triggre Academy for a specific target group, we have learned that it is very useful for a variety of people. Are you one of them? Our free introductory session is a great way to find out.

It’s just one morning, free of charge and without obligation. You will learn a lot and should you decide to enroll in our training program afterwards, you can do so at a discounted rate. In case you’re interested in attending a session, you can give us a call or just sign up here!

In our next blog we’ll discuss more about the curriculum of the Academy and what it will teach you.

Release notes 2018-09-05

Release notes

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Release notes 2018-09-05

Connect Triggre with Zapier

Zapier is a program that allows you to connect web applications with each other in little workflows. In these workflows, you can let something happen in one application that is the trigger of an action being performed in another application. And from today on, it is possible to use Zapier with Triggre!

We’ve now made one part of this connection available: an action in Triggre can lead to an action happening in a different application. This can be in Twitter, Gmail, SalesForce, WordPress, LinkedIn, and much more. Keep an eye out for more updates on our Zapier adventure!

Designer lines

Unconnected items will fade out whenever you hold your mouse over items or when you select items. This gives more insight in what is connected to each other – and what not! Take a look at the video below.

[av_video src=’https://www.triggre.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/designer-lines.mp4′ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-jibdid1b’]


What I’ve learned by being new to the world of IT

In my other blog, I told you about the need to acknowledge your boundaries before pushing them. Being new to the world of IT, I’ve experienced that it’s better to tell coworkers when you require more time or help.

A platform like Triggre is created to be used by everyone, so if you’re willing to learn, you’ll figure it out. In this blog, I’d like to elaborate on that.

Finding answers to questions: what’s the right approach?

Learning step by step is key. Admittedly, this is easier for some than others. But if you show your coworkers that you want to learn from them, they will understand and help you. Everyone has their own field of expertise.

Sit down with an IT expert to talk about the difficult technical things, ask a superior for feedback on your work or attend a meeting with a sales representative. If you do this from time to time, you will book progress quicker than you think. On the other hand, you should tread carefully to find the right balance when asking questions.

Let me tell you briefly about a company that I used to work for. In the customer service department, people were answering questions of customers all day long.

New employees didn’t have most answers right at hand, so the company had set up a large database containing common questions and answers. The database was easy to use and provided the right answers quickly.

However, some employees skipped the independent searching part and constantly interrupted their coworkers to ask for the right answers. Others couldn’t bring themselves to admit they didn’t know something, so they just guessed, which often resulted in the provision of dramatically wrong information.

My point is that if you have resources available that will help you and get you further without having to bother coworkers, always use them first. This way, you show everyone that you’re actively trying to learn and can work independently.

If you still don’t know the answer afterwards, don’t fret and ask your coworkers! If you show a good personal work ethic, no one will refuse to help you.

How about Triggre?

Triggre is made for people who don’t possess any technical knowledge. However, it is important to realize that no tool is a magical box that will work if you are not open to learning new things.

Triggre is a toolkit that you (and everyone else) can use if you are able to gain the right skills – which is by no means difficult. It only requires a healthy dose of inquisitiveness!

Want to push your boundaries? Acknowledge them first!

My first job in the IT-world started a few months ago. It is intense to start something completely new after just graduating, since finding your way in a new industry takes a lot of time and energy.

I learned more things in a few months at Triggre than I was used to from school. That can either be the best or the worst experience – depending on how you deal with it.

Recently, I had my first face-to-face meeting with a client looking for software solutions. He was an employee in his mid-fifties who told us that he was solely responsible for implementing automatization in the company.

He had to look like the go-to person for the job, but I quickly noticed that he had second-to-no experience regarding software creation – and I recognized his situation immediately.

He was dealing with a subject that he was supposed to know every little thing about. But learning software takes time and he just wasn’t ready yet, which made him super uncomfortable.

First steps in the world of IT

The meeting made me reflect on the issue of being new to the ‘software business.’ I have a marketing background, which I can apply to a variety of situations, but this is my first IT-related job. I’ve quickly come to understand that it’s a world with laws and rules of its own, and you need to familiarize yourself with it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional with decades of work experience. It’s important to accept the fact that there are certain things you are not capable of doing yet.

However, many people find it difficult to admit that. This can result in distressing predicaments, because they feel forced to accept projects they simply cannot handle. In the end, no one will benefit from a non-transparent attitude.

Ultimately, you’re creating a very non-pleasant work situation for yourself in which you are constantly frustrated and under pressure.

Solution: acknowledge and learn!

So what is a constructive solution? In my opinion, the key is to embrace your lack of knowledge as well as the drive to learn.

Platforms like Triggre are made to be used by everyone, so if you’re willing to learn, you will figure it out.

And if you need more help, just ask. I’ve experienced that it’s better to tell co-workers you require more time or help, since you show them you’re willing to learn and acquire the right skills. In my next blog, I will elaborate on this solution in more detail!

Bridging the gap: how to make software creation accessible across departments

In many companies, organizational departments are separated. As a result, marketing employees, for example, never come anywhere near the ICT division, and vice versa. In such organizations, it is generally assumed that software development is too difficult to engage with, anyway.

However, this gap is unnecessary and it’s a shame that it still exists so widely. Because if companies manage to bridge it, they unlock a wealth of opportunities, making software creation easier, more accessible, and more fun.

Outside the box, into a broader realm

A little outside-the-box thinking can go a long way. First and foremost, companies should stop pigeonholing. Considering the inquisitive, exploratory mindset of millennials, restricting employees to a rigidly defined task list is outdated.

Most people possess a skillset that stretches beyond it, and although they don’t necessarily need to put it to use, it’s important to allow them to think and act broadly. In terms of software development, creating a company culture that encourages non-IT employees to delve into the subject makes it less scary and therefore more accessible.

Once you involve people in IT-related matters, they will have the courage to take subsequent steps. Don’t throw them into complex coding languages. Simply show them that there are more possibilities than they think – for those without a technical background as well.

Building bridges (and applications) with the right tool

Of course, bridging the gap between departments requires the right tool. Although creating software is often presented or referred to as an arduous endeavor, it doesn’t have to be.

Triggre, for example, gives you the opportunity to make software without the hassle: you can build your own application quickly and easily, experimenting with new ideas along the way – regardless of whether you’re a marketing employee or a business manager. If you want to make an adjustment later on, you don’t have to call the IT department, as you can conveniently do it yourself.

In other words, the right tool can work wonders: it makes the traditionally complex field of software development approachable and fun to virtually everyone!

Triggre went to the CeBIT in Hannover

Amersfoort, May 7, 2017 – In May 2017, the Triggre team went to Hannover, Germany and visit the CeBIT, Europe’s Leading Digital event. Triggre was invited to the Welcome Night on the night before the CeBIT started. It was off to a good start with speeches from Angela Merkel and Shinzö Abe and a dance performance from Japan, that made music with movements.

Triggre on a mission
Triggre left Amersfoort and headed to Hannover with a mission: spread the word about its software platform. Beforehand, it was decided to use this opportunity to test different ways of explaining the value of Triggre. There are many ways to describe the advantages of the softwarm platform. It seemed like the timing was right, the information triggered some interesting questions and Triggre’s enthusiasm was contagious.

CeBIT parties
After days of selling, pitching and convincing, Triggre also attended to some parties. A big automotive company hosted the best event of the week. They sponsored the start-up are of the CeBIT, while they were looking for possible collaborations. This was a huge success: fun people, interesting networking opportunities and good food.

The week at CeBIT left Triggre hungry for more. The market is ready, Triggre is prepared and ready to go!