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Innovative initiatives: how do you realize them?

In our last blogs about innovation, we discussed the importance of embracing innovation and explained how to recognize and eliminate innovation killers. Now, it is time to look at the requirements for innovative ideas and the way you can realize them. Every process of innovation follows a pattern of trying, failing, learning and trying again. […]

Why are IT projects often a hassle?

Managers – especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit – often encounter numerous issues when trying to get software projects off the ground. At Triggre, we regularly meet such managers, and we understand their frustration which stems from the fact that they want to accomplish their IT goals at a pace that their IT department can’t […]

Towards modern digitalization in three steps

It is safe to say that ‘digital enterprise’ has become a buzzword. At Triggre, we have noticed that increasingly more organizations are wondering how to digitalize their business models. Their key question: where should I start? Digitization versus digitalization First, let’s make an important distinction. A lot of things that business do may be digitized, but […]

Using company DNA as a differentiator

A good product can only take you so far. If it’s not rooted in the depths of your company and team – if there’s no clear spirit that you thrive on – it’s difficult to achieve your goals and grow your business. A prerequisite for creating added value for your customer is, after all, to […]

Triggre Guides: a behind-the-scenes look

Triggre is built on a strong belief in revolutionizing the status quo of software creation. And with outside-the-box ideas come one-of-a-kind people. Let us introduce you to the team that has played a big part in realizing our success. Or as we like to call them: Triggre Guides. Goodbye consultants, hello guides Consultants have a […]

Software creation: the ‘why’ and the ‘how’

Why do you want to create software in the first place? What motivates you? Probably either one of the following goals: saving costs by automating more aspects of your business or generating more returns. Or, ideally, both of them. No software, no future Expensive and comprehensive software creation processes prove to be a hurdle for […]

What triggered Triggre: an innovative journey towards empowerment

Empowering companies with great ideas: it has been Triggre’s purpose from the very start. Born out of a frustration about lengthy, expensive software development processes, Triggre helps organizations with a creative spirit realize their ideas. Let us tell you a bit more about our innovative journey! Disruption is key After working on major IT projects […]