Adopting Triggre – Phase 3

Adopting Triggre

When our customers start using Triggre, we usually observe several phases that they go through. In our last two blogs, we described how growing insights and innovativeness led our customer NCR to build three applications to take the hassle out of certain processes.

In this last blog of the series, we’d like to discuss the third phase, in which NCR, now instilled with evolved skills, developed a more complex application: the inbound routing guide.

Mapping out the process independently

Suppliers are allowed to send packages – which, for example, contain ordered parts – to NCR’s distribution center at the expense of NCR. In the past, courier services were used for heavy shipments, but that didn’t turn out to be an economical way of working.

To control cost, it’s often useful to combine several packages and send them at once, even if this means a package will arrive one day later – it doesn’t make a difference to the process.

As NCR had successfully automated three processes using Triggre, it wondered if it could build an application for this shipping process, too. An important condition was to keep it as simple as possible for suppliers.

Now that NCR had gained the necessary experience, it mapped out and reorganized the entire process independently. Whereas during the first phase they asked Triggre to provide insight into the process, this time around, they only requested that we built the application.

Building the application was very complex – especially because several forms of transportation (air, sea, and road) were involved, each of which incurs different costs, but it worked.

Profitable with positive ‘side effects’

Within two months, the costs of investment were recovered. The application has saved NCR a lot in terms of expenses at a global level. Moreover, the process was designed in such a way that it had very positive unintended ‘side effects.’

For example, the company gained insight into the number of packages that were sent separately. This was important information, as NCR had previously instructed its suppliers to combine several packages into one shipment.

When using the inbound routing guide, they discovered that few of them actually did this. However, the application provides such clarity and ease of use that suppliers are currently following through on it.

NCR already has plans to expand the application to other logistic centers, which will only require small adaptations. It is yet another example of the power of Triggre: once you unleash its possibilities, the sky is the limit!

Introducing: The Triggre Academy

Triggre Academy

Amersfoort, June 26, 2018 – In the past few years we have trained many customers, interns and employees to be able to use Triggre. Learning Triggre only takes a short time, because we focus on keeping Triggre as simple as possible, while providing a lot of functionality at the same time. Interns at Triggre have been able to turn a complex process into an application many times over, and customers are happily working with Triggre day-in-day-out. Now it is time for the rest of the world to get access to these resources as well. Enter the Triggre Academy!

Ranks and abilities

Those who have come to know our company culture know that we take an informal approach, value high quality and like to have fun at the same time. This is reflected in our blog posts, emails, even our product. And in the Triggre Academy.

The Triggre Academy consists of 3 different levels that can be achieved:

  • Triggre Explorer
  • Triggre Ranger
  • Triggre Guide

The first level, Explorer, provides base knowledge of how to use the Triggre Designer. Simply put, we’ll show you what all the buttons do and how to use them effectively for your own custom applications.

Ranger level provides more in-depth knowledge of advanced techniques, which can be applied by using the options the Triggre Designer offers in smart ways. Once you have reached the Triggre Ranger level, you are familiar with all the concepts that Triggre offers. This results in being able to make any application with Triggre.

The final level, Guide, focuses on translating business processes into applications and the best practices that we have used with customers over the years. At this level, you are allowed to train others to the level of Ranger as well.

First class

This summer, on July 10th, 2018, we will host our first ever introduction to the Triggre Academy. The introduction is free of charge. You’ll learn everything about the Academy and what being a Triggre Explorer, Ranger or Guide can mean for your business, company and customers.

If you are interested in joining, sign up for the Triggre Academy introduction now. Spots are limited!

Adopting Triggre – Phase 2

Adopting Triggre

When the Triggre ball starts rolling, efficiency and insight increase rapidly. In this blog series, you can read more about the line along which our customers often develop their process automation thinking and skills.

Last time, we told you about the application our customer NCR built when it first started using Triggre. Today, we’d like to share their next step: building solutions for simple yet hassle-inducing processes.

Asset management: from confusion to overview

With the first application up and running, NCR decided to have a close look at its other processes to determine which of these could benefit from automation, too. Asset management came first. To whom are laptops given? What is the price of a laptop? How many devices are currently broken?

Of course, there were lists available, but these were complex and often confusing. Therefore, NCR’s first step was to simplify the process. Everything was brought down to one goal: to maintain a topical overview of all distributed and returned laptops.

The second step was quick and simple: NCR built the application and went live with it independently.

Harmonized codes: tool for suppliers

Shortly after automating asset management, a third application followed to better deal with harmonized codes. These are part of an internationally standardized system consisting of names and numbers to classify traded products.

Certain codes require companies to pay customs duties. To deliver products, NCR’s suppliers must have these codes. If they don’t, it is necessary to apply for them first.

NCR used to handle the entire process in a rather time-consuming way: after receiving a request, an employee had to look up if a code already existed. If it didn’t, they had to apply for one. Usually, such requests were not handled right away, which often resulted in considerable delays.

Automating the process seemed to be a logical decision. Therefore, NCR built an application that suppliers can use independently: they look up if codes are available, and if not, they can immediately apply for them through the tool. NCR’s employees no longer need to interfere. They have more time to work on other tasks!

Growing insights trigger more automation

The best part of NCR’s application building journey is that the organization has gradually discovered all the possibilities that Triggre offers. After creating its first tool, the outbound routing guide, NCR saw how easily and quickly they could automate dragging processes.

This insight led to the second and third applications we discussed today – but also to a fourth one, which we will discuss in the final blog of this series!

Adopting Triggre – Phase 1

Adopting Triggre

When working with customers, we often observe a certain evolution: a line along which they develop their ‘process automation thinking’ and skills.

First, they get acquainted with the possibilities that Triggre offers to their organization. Then, they start coming up with solutions for small, simple processes which cause a great hassle. Finally, they tackle major processes, which they can elaborate independently to a high degree.

Today’s blog is the first in a series in which we’d like to illustrate this, explaining the initiatives and progress of our customer NCR.

Improving the logistics center outbound process

NCR needed to solve an issue that employees regularly encountered in the logistics center. The fact that different countries set different rules that packages should meet, posed the necessary problems. Moreover, when a shipment’s worth exceeds a certain amount, a letter of credit is required, which results in delays.

Therefore, it is often better to split a 20,000-dollar shipment into two 10,000-dollar shipments, for example, as the latter are handled faster when going through customs. But manually weighing pallets after they’ve been filled is not very efficient. Naturally, it is better to have insight into such matters earlier in the process.

All this information was ‘stored’ in employees’ minds, but NCR figured it should be visible to everyone involved. Also, it wanted to handle the issue in a more structured way. There was an Access-based application, but it couldn’t be adjusted and it was very slow. Therefore, it was in urgent need of replacement. The solution? Triggre.

From process examination to application

As NCR just started working with Triggre, it requested our help in creating an outbound routing guide.

First, we had a close look at the process from a business perspective. Not all steps were efficient or logical, so we recommended making some process improvements. After that, we created the application together. NCR asked us to finish it, as it couldn’t make time to do it in the short term.

One step forward, more to follow

Now, the application is up and running, and it has brought the expected results. The process is clearer to employees, and it’s the same for everyone. This makes it easier to show others the ropes and train them. Also, the flow has improved significantly, as there are less exceptions in the process.

All in all, the outbound routing guide was a great introduction to the possibilities that Triggre has to offer. And as it turned out, it was only the first in a range of innovative process automation steps for NCR. In our next blog, we’ll tell you about their other initiatives!

Automate your manufacturing process!

If your company manufactures goods or products, it will have a certain process in place to do so. However, ensuring that every step of this process goes efficiently and smoothly isn’t easy.

An inventory that isn’t up to date, for example, can cause serious problems – up to the point where you need to stop production until missing parts arrive. Oftentimes, automation provides an excellent solution, especially if you use a tool like Triggre. In this blog, we’d like to share an example which illustrates this perfectly.

Inventory management and up-to-date information

One of our customers in the automotive industry recently asked us to create the concept version of an application within two weeks. After that, they would continue developing it independently.

The goal of the application: automate inventory management based on production, so car parts are always in stock. Obviously, this greatly facilitates the car manufacturing process, as it optimizes efficiency and eliminates the hassle of having to stop production due to a missing part.

But we took it one step further by mapping the individual process steps, based on which we added information to the application. It is now possible to indicate the production stage at which each car part is used.

As a result, employees have an instant overview at every stage. They get to see a list containing all the required parts, and once they use these, the application automatically updates the inventory.

This way, everyone within the organization always gets topical information on the status quo. Moreover, employees make less mistakes during the manufacturing process, as they always know which parts they should use at what time.

Cost-efficient and tailor-made solution

Although deadlines were tight, we met them all, and the application was up and running within the set time frame. More importantly, the results are satisfying.

Especially when running a smaller business – like our customer’s – major ERP systems are rarely money well spent. Therefore, a stable solution such as Triggre provides an excellent solution: it’s cost efficient and entirely tailored to your process!

What can(‘t) you do with Triggre? Get the most out of your tool!


Triggre helps organizations stay competitive in the market. It ensures that you can work much faster by simplifying processes in an easy way. It allows you to build whatever tool you think your organization needs. Should you have a ‘what if?’ question, finding the answer with Triggre is a breeze.

You can adapt your software in no time to see it in practice and test the results. Triggre is a time-saving, innovation-friendly and profitable tool. In this blog, we’d like to explain all things above by sharing an example!

Creating contracts anywhere: OCI’s module

Our client OCI used to experience problems because their ERP system was not available at all locations. For example, when the sales manager visited a customer to negotiate a new contract, he scribbled any agreements made on a notepad.

Once he got back to the office, he could enter the information into the system. But it would take him a while to do so, as he tends to have multiple customer visits scheduled on an average day. In other words, he had to keep the customer waiting.

Therefore, OCI used Triggre to make an addition to their customer portal: a module that is used to create contracts by Sales Managers. Nowadays, the process is significantly smoother.

Upon concluding an agreement with a customer, the sales manager logs onto the customer portal on location to enter all relevant information, such as the agreed-upon price and amount.

In the background, all the required data is sent to OCI’s ERP system. Moreover, the contract is immediately available to the customer within the portal, so the latter can start placing orders right away.

You got the tool… now use it!

The great aspect is that OCI was already using Triggre for other processes and saw an opportunity to get even more out of it. This illustrates the importance of regularly reflecting on your processes. Can you work more efficiently and/or serve your customers better? The answer(s) may surprise you.

To clarify this, let’s end our blog with an analogy: if you’ve always traveled by plane and your new boss suddenly puts you into an autonomous car, you’ll only gradually discover its wide range of possibilities. So consider yourself an airplane passenger and Triggre your brand new state of the art vehicle!

The Netherlands & Belarus: two offices, one team

Triggre’s awesome team has two offices, one in The Netherlands and one in Belarus. Working with one team that works at different locations asks for a great team spirit.

Whether culture-based or not, adapting to a new company culture has led to a great result: our Belarus establishment and the Netherlands-based office now act as a single team. To me, this shows that Triggre is built on a solid philosophy.

When I started working for Triggre, the office culture was extremely different than what I was used to. So when I started working with Triggre, a 180-degree switch was required: I needed to change my mind about a variety of basic processes.

The company’s revolutionary software makes the lives of business people much easier, and everyone in our team is aware of it: we are changing the IT world by enabling non-programmers to create applications for their own processes. This common purpose has helped unite our employees.

Below, I would briefly like to share some changes we went through in our Belarus office since we joined forces with Triggre. They will demonstrate the views and approach that characterize Triggre.

1. No hierarchy

Someone once told me that managers are only necessary for building processes that ultimately need to run without them. So in a company with fine-tuned processes, the traditional managers – the only kind we used to know in our Belarus office – are not required. At Triggre, directors help team members – they don’t manage them.

2. Maximum transparency

What is the status of a project? Who are our new customers? What are our short-term goals? The company I used to work for didn’t share this kind of news with employees, but Triggre does. We have regular meetings to discuss our annual plans and goals.

This type of involvement results in committed employees, since everyone knows what we are doing and why we are doing it. I’d like to stress out that these updates are really important for any employee of any organization!

3. Valuing talent

When you’re working with highly talented people, it’s a mistake to go the ‘traditional way’ and disregard their opinions about internal processes. At Triggre, we are constantly improving our processes, and many initiatives come from employees. Creativity is highly stimulated in our team.

Also, it is important to offer the employees a moment to share the results of their hard work. Like the Dutch office, the Belarus establishment now celebrates successes. This has worked very well: it helps build a good atmosphere and contributes to having more motivated employees!

The things listed above make Triggre very special to me. It’s all about creativity, freedom to share ideas and building trust within a team – across borders and cultures.

GDPR compliance with Triggre

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR for short, will come into effect May 25th 2018. There has been a lot of time to prepare your organization, and many organizations have already made sure their data policies are now compliant.

However, the GDPR also involves your suppliers and as part of the regulation, companies are required to make sure their suppliers are GDPR compliant as well. Triggre has made sure that it meets all the requirements concerning the GDPR for her customers, so you don’t have to worry about it.


One major point is making sure that no unauthorized access is granted to personal data of customers. Triggre has been tested on multiple occasions and has always passed all independent penetration tests with flying colors. But it doesn’t stop there. The fact that an application is secure today, doesn’t mean that a vulnerability can’t be found in it tomorrow.

That’s why we periodically perform these independent penetration tests. Also, we update our platform, and with it our customers’ applications, approximately monthly. These updates always include the latest implementations of security guidelines so our customers can rest assured that their data is safe from hackers, without any effort on their side.

Internal procedures

Apart from unauthorized access by external parties, we also make sure that internally only a very select number of people have access to our production servers. The only people who have such access are in charge of making sure our servers are running correctly.

Our development team for example, has no access to our production data. This means that we can’t even use production data for our internal test procedures if we wanted to; because we simply don’t give access. By using Triggre, your data is kept extremely safe.


Of course, we also have our own suppliers. Because our customers’ data is so important to us, we don’t take any chances with this. That’s why we decided to only host Triggre with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft upholds very strict procedures regarding physical server access (something we don’t have ourselves even) to make sure that no unauthorized access can be obtained to their servers. Microsoft Azure, as our only supplier that is relevant to our GDPR compliance, are themselves fully compliant with the GDPR legislation.

GDPR compliance process

Triggre takes pride in its efforts to keep customer data safe, which is of course a big part of our core business. GDPR compliance however, isn’t a one time thing. If you want to make sure that you are compliant, it is imperative that people develop a certain mindset.

Questions that need to be raised are such as ‘Do we really need this data?’ and ‘For how long do we really need this data?’. This mindset has been a part of our company for as long as we’ve existed. For many other companies however, it isn’t, simply because it never was a problem.

That is why we always help our customers decide on these things with a quick GDPR compliance scan for their applications. That way, you are certain that you’ve done everything you need to, for your GDPR compliancy.

Our best-read posts of 2017

In 2017 we kept up the hard work of previous years and provided you with fresh insights and new content every week. Time to take a look at what you, our readers, found most interesting!

We kept you posted on the best ways to start an automation project, on how to convert a manual process into a digitalized one and news from the world of IT. In between all that information we also took our time to update you on all things Triggre.

And boy, did we have news this year. We released a completely new version and practically shouted that from the rooftops. It was hard to miss and the statistics tell us that our big news definitely went over well with our audience.

Interview about our soon to be released version

In this blog we had Jesse, our CTO, tell you all about what you can expect from our new version. He explained why we had to start over, in order to keep on greatly improving Triggre. This new version has been live since September now and it is safe to say it lived up to our, and our customers’ expectations. Yes, we are more than just a little proud of that!

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Well, why shouldn’t they? It’s a provocative title and we believe that this is exactly why this was one of our most popular pieces of content. Schools are focusing on the future and one of the ways they go about this is by offering programming courses. Why this might teach an analytical way of thinking, it is smart not to let your livelihood depend on it.

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Innovating empowerment

Last year, we told you about our customers. This year, our customers told you about us. We have had several guest authors this year and are very thankful that they took the time to share their vision on their business and how Triggre has helped them. The most popular one was written by Jeroen of AtoomClub, and he explained how Triggre facilitated them in empowering their customers.

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Working at a tech start-up

At Triggre, we are very fond of our company culture. We believe that a good and nurturing enviroment leads to happy co-workers and that happy co-workers have the best ideas. When I started working here, this view became appearent very soon. After a few months I deceided to share my experiences in a blog. And even though I have been shot with a nerf gun more times that I could possibly count, I still think that nerf guns are awesome.

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That’s all folks

Well, for this year at least. Next year we will keep providing you with news, insights and critical views. Most of all we will keep working on providing the world with a fast, easy and fun way to make software. Happy holidays!

Author: Dagmar Ingelse