Excited customers

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Business applications without the hassle

Triggre is the smartest way to make business applications. Our customers realized 50% cost reduction, by digitalizing and automating their business processes with Triggre.

Working with Triggre leads to a burst of ideas and most of our customers use Triggre to support and optimize multiple processes.

From customer portals, supply chain support to scenario and production planning. The Triggre applications are used by customers and employees worldwide.

What does Triggre get you?

Customers' numbers

1 %
Cost reduction
1 K
savings p/m
1 K
Active users

What did our customers create?

Advanced inbound and outbound logistics support. Automated transportation scenario planning. Select best ETA at lowest possible automatically.
Vendor management tool for IT vendor. Offering global transparancy in all IT vendor contracts, SLA, available products and services. The tool supports vendor management and purchasing processes.
International customer portal for bulk goods contracts management, order and re-order support. Tracking and tracing. Replacing manual order desk department.
Digital supply chain for a large fashion brand. Purchase order management and distribution from factory to shipment and delivery. Replacing repetive manual excel work.
Mobile subscription complaints management tool. Handling financial issues on subscriptions for telco retailers. WIth this tool TechData was able to reduce staff and get in control of this process.
Digital OEM management process to support new order requests and follow up in a digital environment.
Automated factory planning. Based on sales orders the application generates an automated planning for paper factory. It optimizes the planning based on a smart algorithm, including 35 decisions.
Electric car assembly workflow support and parts management.
Advanced document and workflow engine for vocational education at 50 educations institutes. The tool assures a compliant and secure process for examination.