Do you want to build at high speed?

Take the Triggre Fast Track.

The Triggre Fast Track is a learning program designed to quickly do two things: make sure you know how to work with Triggre like a pro and complete your first application. It’s a personal, tailor made, private learning program.

What is the Fast Track?

What is the Fast Track?

Four 90-minute training sessions with a Triggre Guide that takes you through the process of building applications.

The content of the learning program will be focused completely on your use case and application idea.

You will learn how to build applications much faster and therefore get get great results faster.

Find out how Frenck improved his organization by learning and applying Triggre...

Find out how Frenck improved his organization by learning and applying Triggre…

What are you going to learn?

What are you going to learn?

Each application starts by determining the goal of the application. This is important because you want to create a successful application, which is frequently used and contributes to your organization!

Together with your Triggre Guide, you will find the perfect purpose of your application.

After finding the purpose of your application, you’re going to continue working out your idea with your Triggre Guide! You’re going to do this the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper.

We do this because you are much more creative this way instead of doing it digitally. Your Guide will tell you all about this.

It’s time to build! First, your Triggre Guide will tell you everything about the Face, Factory and Warehouse of an application.

Then you will discover all functionalities of Triggre and after that, it’s finally time: you will start building your own application!

Of course, after building the first version of your application, you will need to test it. And you will probably need to make some changes as well.

Together with your Guide, you will walk through the complete process of testing and adjusting your application.

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