Discover the features that make Triggre the most easy-to-use platform.

Take a look at the Triggre Designer to see how it works!

Completely secure

Triggre automatically protects and updates your application against existing and new threats.

Works on any device

Based on templates, Triggre automatically generates all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your application.​​

Automatically saved

Your application design is automatically saved by Triggre, so you can bounce back on earlier versions.​​

Always up-to-date

With every Triggre release, your application will be updated automatically, so you always work with the latest version!

Automatic testing

The heavy, technical test work that is normally part of creating an application, is done automatically by Triggre.

Easily connect your application

Build the tool of your dreams

Roles & permissions

Differentiate functionality and content based on roles and permissions

Smart workflows

Design your own step-by-step wizard to complete a workflow or form

Clean interfaces

Automatically generated and easy-to-use interface for any device


Start small and scale up by adding workflows, data and users if you need

Beautiful dashboards

Build multi-element dashboards with reports, statistic data, graphs and more