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    I have a DB (Child) with the following fields: Name / date of birth / Place of birth / Age.

    In a user flow I do the following:

    Start with the DB Child -> step 1 -> calculation ( Current date – date of birth)

    step2 -> Calculation (result step 1 / 1 days) = convert the value in to days

    step 3 -> Calculation (result step 2 / 365,33) = age in years

    step 4 -> edit data (field age / DB Child) with the value from step 3.


    Current date 31-08-2020 – DOB 26-09-2011 result = 9

    Current date 31-08-2020 – DOB 09-07-2019 result = 1

    The second one is correct, but the first example is not 9 yet


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