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    When you have a table page and click on a record and click details the solution below can be used for this. When you have a ‘Dossier’ table on the left, click the record and want to show the files on the right it’s not possible in the way you’ve structured your data model. So it needs to be devided into two pages.

    What you can do is the following:

    1. create data-item
    2. create flow part

    First create a data-item called ‘Temp Dossier bestanden’ and add the following properties to it:

    1. Dossier (reference)
    2. User (reference)
    3. File (file)

    Create a flowpart with 2 inputs, User and Dossier.

    This flowpart will start by deleting the entries of the user and the dossier in the ‘Temp Dossier bestanden’.

    Create lookups for all files you have.¬†Add all these files in the ‘Temp dossier bestanden’ with the ‘Add data’ action.

    You have a table view with all your dossiers. Create a button when selecting a dossier. Link it to the flow part you created and on the second page you can show the details of the dossier on the left and the files (from ‘Temp dossier bestanden’) on the right.

    Hope this helps you in getting the result you’re searching for.

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