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    Alex Schilder


    Then could you explain why this filter apparently isn’t approved by Triggre?


    What I’m trying to do is: I’m creating a feature to do a request where you can add ‘drives’ for example. One request can have multiple drives, so I’ve created a table for this in which the request and drives are linked together. On a page I’ve got on the left a table with ‘available drives’ which should be filtered by the relation selected in the request. However, for every selected drive, which has been linked through a ‘create RequestDrives’ flowpart, the left table of available drives shouldn’t show the already selected drive anymore.

    I’ve tried loads of options to accomplish this, with a dropdown, table, even a flowpart etc. but none seems to work and I really don’t get why.

    This shouldn’t be that complicated. I mean, in SQL I would’ve easily be able to create something like this. For example, I’d have a query like this:

    SELECT Id, Name FROM Drives WHERE Id NOT IN (SELECT Drive_Id FROM RequestDrives WHERE Request_Id = @Request)

    I really hope you can give me a thorough example and clear explanation on how to accomplish this, since it has cost me loads and loads of time and frustration by now.

    Thanks in advance!