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    Hello Frenck,

    Thank you for your suggestion. Offering different customisable lay-out templates is high on our roadmap and we will offer this in the future. For this we will take a mobile first approach (designing for mobile and then scaling it up to desktop) as we realise that much browsing is nowadays done on tablets and phones, for which we want to offer a better experience.

    Being able to edit the HTML and CSS is however not in line with our vision of Triggre. There are two reasons for this:
    1. Although whether HTML and CSS is code is debatable, we believe it doesn’t belong in a true no-code platform. Adding code (including HTML and CSS) to the application is an easy way out: instead of offering a richer feature set that’s usable by everybody, you offer the ability to make changes to some. We want to focus on giving everybody the ability to make the application they want.
    2. Adding the possibility to add code the application will lead to compatibility issues. If you write your own custom HTML, chances are it will be broken when we do a release. That means that you will need to update it regularly, to keep having a working application. What we offer is a platform where you don’t have to worry about those things, which is often a reason why people choose for Triggre.

    The two-finger scrolling is something we added so you won’t get stuck on the table (you see it more often in maps than in tables, but it’s not uncommon). If you have a table that fills the entire screen, you won’t be able to get away from the table anymore if the same scroll events are applied to the table and the rest of the page. If there is a more user-friendly way to do this then we will have a look at it, but this won’t be something that will be configurable as we want it to work out of the box on a wide range of devices.

    That’s a lot of words, but hopefully it clarifies what you can expect from us. When we have something more concrete to share regarding layout templates we will let you know, but know that we are very eager about expanding this as well.

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