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    Hello Bouwe,

    We would like the forum to be an international resource and would appreciate communication in English 🙂

    Let me quickly summarise your question: you have a page with on the left side a form field with themes and on the right side a table with projects. Each project can have multiple themes and each theme can have multiple projects. You want to filter the projects on the right, based on the themes selected on the form field on the left, for which you wanted to use the following filter, themes = empty OR LIST A CONTAINS B, but didn’t get the options you expected to create the filter.

    The reason for this is because the function works only with a single data item for B, and not with a list. Still, you can use the function to get the result you want. Here’s how:
    1. Select for B the ‘Project data item’ under ‘Project property’.
    2. Now for A, under ‘Property from the user flow’, expand Left and the themes form field , and you’ll find a list of Projects. This is a list of all projects belonging to the selected themes, which you want the items on the right to be in.

    Now you should see only the projects belonging to the selected themes.

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