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    Registration and the forum rules

    • The forum is available to all other Triggre Creators with a Triggre account and is not publicly available.
    • Using the forum means agreeing to these forum rules.
    • Users who do not adhere to the forum rules, can (possibly after a warning) be banned from the forum.
    • Posting a message on the forum shows the entire name of the user and using a false name or nick name is not allowed.

    Forum copyright

    • All posts and information placed on, are the sole property of Triggre.
    • When citing from an external source (website, newspaper, magazine, etc) the source must be mentioned.

    Posting messages (questions / answers / remarks)

    • The forums are in English, use of other languages is not allowed. This keeps the information applicable to as wide an audience as possible and prevents questions being asked multiple times.
    • Use a clear subject/title.
    • Before posting a new topic, always us the search function first! There’s a big chance your question has already been asked before.
    • Post clear messages with relevant information. It is better to not post a message than posting an unclear, useless or irrelevant message.
    • Post questions or remarks in the correct (sub)forum.
    • Do not post the same message in multiple forums/topics.
    • If you have a new question, post a new topic.
    • Do not take over someone else’s topic by asking a question that is unrelated to the subject of the topic.
    • If you have a personal message to someone, send them a PM (Private Message).
    • Do not bump topics so they appear higher on the topics list.
    • The forum is mainly meant for (technical) support and discussions within the Triggre Creator community. Restrict the content of your topics to Triggre products and projects done using Triggre.

    Offtopic messages

    • Only discuss matters in a topic that are relevant to that topic.
    • Discussions on private matter, gossip, chat and other messages are, in principle, not allowed on

    Rules of decency

    On this forum, generally accepted rules of decency apply. It is therefore not allowed to:

    • Use swear words or foul language;
    • Insult people or attack them;
    • Post people’s private information;
    • Post porn or shocking content;
    • Use racist language or imagery;
    • Threaten others;
    • Use discriminating, hurtful, slanderous, obscene or otherwise inappropriate language that go against common decency.


    It is strictly prohibited to:

    • Advertise and promote products (spamming);
    • Advertise commercial websites, that do not directly lead to solving a topic;
    • Post advertisements for non-commercial websites that are not relevant to the topic;
    • Post material that is subject to copyright or links to websites containing illegal software or goods;
    • Act in any way that is in violation of the law.


    It is undesirable to:

    • Refer to a manual or search function without a link to said manual or search function. Just a remark to read the manual helps no one, so at least mention a few search words that should be used;
    • Post messages in a different font or color. The formatting functions (color, font, bold, italic, etc) are only used to apply highlights in messages where relevant. Entire messages in color, bold, etc clutter the forum and make it less easy to read.


    • Everyone who has a problem with the contents of a message can send a PM (Private Message) to a moderator.
    • The PM must contain a clear description of the objection. Every objection will be reviewed and if necessary, action will be taken.
    • If you do not agree with a decision taken by a moderator, you have to send that moderator a PM with a clear description of why you do not agree with the decision.
    • Never post such messages on the forum!
    • Objections will not always be answered, but will always be taken into account.


    A moderator checks messages and users that go against the forum rules and takes action if needed. In all cases where the forum rules do not provide a definitive answer, the ultimate decision lies with the moderator(s).

    Actions taken can consist of, but are not limited to:

    • Moving messages;
    • Removing messages;
    • Changing messages;
    • Posting general warnings;
    • Sending personal warnings by PM (Private Message);
    • Temporarily or permanently banning users.

    Not adhering to the above rules can result in removal of your message(s) and your access to the forum can be revoked.

    In case of doubt or differences of opinion about the rules, Triggre has the final decision.

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