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    Frenck Smit


    In the package offering i see that the Ranger and Guide levels also offer a percentage of ‘Partner Commision’.

    Could you explain a bit more on what this means, and how this would work?
    Is it a 25% commision on every instance that you will create and run? Or commision on every new member you bring to the Triggre platform? Or ……
    I am curious to find out what this exactly means, so let me know!

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    Hi Frenck,

    The commision is based on the subscription value. In other words the amount the customer pays for his/her subscription.
    Does this answer your question?

    Regards, Rutger

    Frenck Smit

    Hi Rutger,

    Thanks for answering my question.
    So if i understand it correct; if a user has bought the ‘Guide’ package and then has 4 Triggre instances running for which he pays e.g €2.000 the discount he gets from the partner commission is 25% x €2000 = €500??


    If you would replace the word instances for the word subscriptions and the word discount for the word commission, then almost yes. Because there is one more condition, you will have to pass an exam for each level. And pls take in consideration that whoever pays for the instance is irrelevant when it comes to the commission. As it has to do with the creator who is connected to this subscription. Your client may pay for his application to you, or to us, that’s not important. You are connected as the creator, so we will pay you the commission.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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