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    Frenck Smit

    Best Community,

    Just now my colleague and i were brainstorming about a new module which we want to build in our Triggre application.
    The thing is that the module will probably mostly be used on mobile devices, the thing holding us back to develop is the UI/UX on mobile devices.

    For example on mobile phone we sometimes see that if we have multiple buttons on a page, some buttons are not displayed because they are out of the page.
    Another thing we were thinking about is the use of tables on mobile devices, currently it is set up with the ‘2 fingers to scroll’. Our experience with this is that it is not very user friendly.
    Someone pointed me to the following website where they have another approach for displaying and scrolling in tables on smaller devices.

    Click HERE to go to that specific page, and please do so on a mobile device.
    What they do is that they block the table in first sight, and if a user presses it he can scroll through it with just 1 finger easily.

    Maybe this is something you guys can have a look at, who knows you think it is a great idea. We are always up for discussion 😀

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    Eddie Heijblom

    I looked at the site on my cell and indeed you need to tap once to activate the scroll in the table. thx for the tip, Frenck!

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