From tester to Guide: how my new position at Triggre changed my job

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A few months ago, I joined Triggre as a Guide. Now that I’ve found my feet, I’d like to share my experience, comparing my previous position as a tester to my current job. How has Triggre made my work and collaboration with customers more interesting?

Hitting walls, working inefficiently

I used to work as a tester for another organization, where I was highly dependent on others. As a result, I regularly hit a wall for reasons beyond my control.

For example, when I had completed all my preparatory work and the developer wasn’t ready yet. This was frustrating and – above all – inefficient. Unfortunately, there was usually nothing I could do about it.

From ‘cog in the machine’ to developing the chain

At Triggre, however, I fulfil the role of guide, which means that I can determine the pace at which an application is created. The bottlenecks I had to deal with in my last job are no longer an issue. Once I’m finished with my preliminary tasks, I can immediately move on to developing, testing, and going live with the software using Triggre.

The result: my job is more comprehensive, interesting, and challenging now. I went from being a cog in the ‘development machine’ to developing the entire chain. All I can say is: it is very cool, and I love every minute of it!

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