Guest blog- Innovating empowerment

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At AtoomClub, we believe in a selection of key values to set us apart from other concepts. The thing is, that values may remain theoretical and only start to contribute to your business when they are practiced. Not by some, but through the entire organization. Simply put, talking about these values is only the first step. In the end, it’s the enactment of these values that makes the difference.

Empowering customers

One of our values is empowerment. Our customers must feel that they are enabled throughout every aspect of having their office at AtoomClub. This means that they

need to feel they are more than just tenants: They are a part of AtoomClub. To achieve this, we need to constantly review current concepts and processes. Points of improvement are nothing but an opportunity.

One of the things that needed improvement was our way of providing customers with meeting rooms. The booking process was tedious. It just needed to fit our concept better. We wanted a way that was fast, simple and could expand easily. Meetings with colleagues, partners and prospects are important for any organization and arranging this should be hassle-free.

Empowerment of ourselves

While looking for a partner to achieve this improvement, it proved that a lean way of making a new application was harder than anticipated. Out-of-the-box solutions did not fit our needs and custom-made applications were, well, costly. And, more importantly, none of these options provided us with a simple way to adjust the application in case of growth or new insights in our customers wishes.

After a careful selection process, we decided to make our own application with Triggre. Making an application ourselves, was not something we would have thought of beforehand. To be honest, we never considered that to be an option. It sounded innovative, which perfectly fits our vision. But at the same time, it was a bit scary. It proved to be an excellent choice. Innovation might start when you look at your own processes; it takes shape when a company like Triggre empowers you.

Author: Jeroen van Eck

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