How IT-savvy People make Mobile Applications

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According to research among 228 CIOs and IT managers. 85% of companies lag behind on the development of mobile applications (source: Computable).

Only 6% of companies have the capacity to create mobile applications. The other 94% of companies don’t have the capacity to meet their mobile applications need. They face problems with budget, time and knowledge. And most of all, with finding the right people with specific programming skills.

95% of companies have developed one or more mobile applications in the last 12 months

Demand for mobile applications is growing. And we need to address this need without relying on the problems mentioned above. Without overburdening our already understaffed IT departments. And without taking up the same time traditional development requires. But most importantly without companies needing an extensive amount of knowledge of mobile applications.

The next step

Making IT simple is the next step in the evolution of programming. The first computers were complex to program. An engineering degree was required just to operate one. So programming languages were invented. From assembler, to Fortran, evolving to Java and C#. Usable by more people around the world.

And now we need to take the next step. To move making applications, whether based on C# or using model driven development only programmers understand, into the realm of people without deep technical knowledge. IT-savvy business people. People like you and me.

Eliminating programmers from mobile application development

The impact of making IT simple and moving the development of mobile applications into the realm of IT-savvy people is enormous. It enables us to create business and mobile applications quicker, at lower cost and without the need of scarcely available IT knowledge.

Companies become more independent, stay up-to-date and are able to adapt quickly to a changing world.

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