How people like you and me change business forever

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A few years ago, Gartner coined the term ‘citizen developer’. This renowned research and consultancy company predicted that software will increasingly be developed by people from outside of the IT department. People with specific knowledge in a certain field, who have basic technical knowledge and simply want to improve and accelerate company processes to get better results.

Citizen developers

When we designed Triggre, we had these people in mind, people like you and me. We wanted Triggre to be straightforward and ready for practical usage. After all, technology is interesting for technicians, but not for somebody who wants software that ‘just works’. In Triggre, technology is completely abstracted: you just make your application without noticing the technological aspects. Triggre itself as an application is never complete. Every release introduces new functionalities that everyone can use, without technical knowledge.

Currently, new users need six free of charge  dayparts  to learn how to use Triggre,. We target to reduce current necessary learning curve and aim to make Triggre self-explanatory. Of course we assume that you have any clue in what your application should look like and that you have expertise about your profession and/or organization.

Mistakes allowed

Triggre offers many blueprints. You can use these blueprints directly to build your Triggre application or to get you inspired. For example, in the leave application all the leave regulations are already implemented. You can use these as a starting point and expand them at your desire. Mistakes are allowed, because it is impossible to make software in Triggre that does not work. You can compare this mechanism with building a house: Triggre checks whether you can open and close a door, but not where you actually placed a door. Since you’re the expert, you’re the only one who should decide if a door should be placed.


We improve Triggre continuously. Moreover, Triggre is already 50 times faster than regular programming. So the only question left is: do you want to work 50 times faster with at least 80 percent of the possibilities, or do you choose yet again for a long and costly implementation process with just a little bit more options? Because not all exceptions are currently built into Triggre. But we’re aiming on a full 100 percent, that’s for sure!

We ensure that your application is compatible with newer versions of Triggre. This makes that there’s always just one version of Triggre, the newest one, that is available for everyone. Some will ask: ‘why didn’t you wait with releasing Triggre until you had developed the application so far that all exceptions are available?’ This question is understandable. But we believe in a Lean startup approach and we are already adding value to companies. Not to everyone. But to those people who do not longer accept the status quo.

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We believe that times are changing in the IT world. IT will become easier and people will become less depending on IT professionals. The world is changing and organizations should get ready to change as well. An increasing number of companies see IT flexibility as the most critical component of competitive advantage. Triggre facilitates people like you and me to create tools that really help our organizations to make a difference.

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