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These days there is a lot of focus on entrepreneurship. In the media it sometimes seems that everyone has a startup and if they don’t they are in the process of starting a startup because they have a great idea. The fact is however, that most people are not entrepreneurs in the sense that they have their own company. And these are the people that can make the difference.

The right environment

So you don’t have your own business. But you have great ideas and are willing to put in the extra mile to make it happen. You are exactly what every company needs. What you need is a company that recognizes that they need you and your ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a little convincing. Perhaps this story can help.

The right time

At our sister company Nubiko, intrapreneurship is highly encouraged. The people that work at Nubiko are all very eager and are always on the lookout for a good opportunity. And once in a while, if you keep your eyes open, you spot a golden one.

In this case, it was an opportunity to build a software system that supports the creation process for exams. Due to some changes in the rules for examination in the Netherlands, this became a huge issue for many schools. They had to professionalize their process, so they could always prove to the inspection that exams were constructed in the correct way. And there was no solution on the market for this yet.

One of our colleagues, Roos van den Broek, thought: “Can’t we do this with Triggre?”

The right solution

So we decided to get together a group of schools to see if we could identify a system that would meet the needs of the inspection. Of course this had to be a very user friendly system, since teachers have a lot of better things to do than manage exams in some software system.

After only a very short period of time, Eddie Heijblom, who is a product manager at Nubiko, decided that he had enough information to start building the system. In only 250 hours he built the system from scratch using Triggre. During this time he would frequently sit together with the schools to make sure they were on the right track, ensuring not only a fast delivery but also ensuring that the functionality was right the first time.

The right people

The world needs intrapreneurs now more than ever. Every company needs to continuously innovate. So if you are an intrapreneur, don’t hold back. Go out there and make a change. Great things will happen!

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