Lean Startup Method & Strategic Agility

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A strategically agile organization is not built overnight. It starts with establishing a common vision, strategic priorities and targets. Realizing the new set targets is easier if the targets are sliced in to ‘business increments’ (sub-projects). Realizing a business increment means realizing a next step toward the common vision and determined targets. This approach immediately boosts agility.

Lean Startup Method

Realizing a business increment works best by using the Lean Start-up method. This method allows to quickly respond to changing circumstances. The main principle of the Lean Start-up method is that each business increment, which is a small project, is executed according to 5 phases:

  • Phase 1: determine scope, targets and priorities of the business increment.
  • Phase 2: compose a cross-functional team with multiple disciplines and preferably also representatives of customers, suppliers or other external parties.
  • Phase 3: deliver a practical business case, project plan and go/no-go decision.
  • Phase 4: create a first ‘prototype’. In case the business increment contains an IT component use an easy create and adjust business application platform, like Triggre. Create, for example, a prototype of an organizational change, a product innovation or the design for a new IT system. During this phase, the prototype is subsequently tested, improved and made ready for production.
  • Phase 5: integrate, scale up and duplicate. For example, with a market introduction or duplication to other business units, departments, markets or customer groups. Use the experiences and best practices of phase four. And become a learning and strategically agile organization.

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