Our best-read posts of 2016

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Every week I browse through our website analytics to see how our web traffic is doing. One of the reports lists the best-read blog posts and I thought it would be fun to see which were the best read ones of 2016. What I found was very interesting.

The best-read blog posts of 2016 seemed to have an interesting connection to each other, and to Triggre in general. What it comes down to, is that reading these 3 blog posts gives a very short but insightful view into our company’s vision.

The evolution of programming

Without contest the best-read blogpost of 2016 was on the evolution of programming. In this blog post we give a short overview of the most important events from 1950 to 2000 that are related to programming. From John von Neumann, in many ways the inventor of the modern computer, to Thomas Stahl and Markus Voelter introducint Model Driven Development in 2006.

Read about the evolution of programming

Why hiring IT consultants is like playing poker with a bad hand

When we first posted this article, I thought we would get furious reactions. The opposite was true, many people we talk to feel that there is an imbalance in the world of IT consultancy. One that does not exist in other consultancy sectors; the huge dependency that IT consultancy firms create.

This imbalance is what we want to overcome. We want companies to have the freedom to choose between making software themselves and having someone do it for or with them.

Read about the dependency IT consultants create

A guide from complexity to simplicity

Freeing companies from the dependency on IT consultancy firms requires a product that is so easy to use, it requires no technical knowledge. That is not easy to achieve. In fact, it’s not a goal, but a process.

We get our inspiration for this process from an unlikely source: the art world. Artists follow a process throughout their career, always searching for better representations of their ideas. Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan is a fantastic example, because he focused on simplicity. In this blogpost, we explain how we approach our never-ending simplification process.

Read about going from complexity to simplicity

Ending the software hassle

The best-read posts of 2016 gave me an unexpected recap of our vision. We believe that it is time to free companies from all the hassles that are currently associated with software. Making software, designing software, installing software, installing updates, new versions not being compatible, the list is as long as the Mississippi river.

It is our goal to free companies from this software hassle by giving them control over their software. Easy to use, easy to change, great support and a fair pricing model.

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