Our best-read posts of 2017

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In 2017 we kept up the hard work of previous years and provided you with fresh insights and new content every week. Time to take a look at what you, our readers, found most interesting!

We kept you posted on the best ways to start an automation project, on how to convert a manual process into a digitalized one and news from the world of IT. In between all that information we also took our time to update you on all things Triggre.

And boy, did we have news this year. We released a completely new version and practically shouted that from the rooftops. It was hard to miss and the statistics tell us that our big news definitely went over well with our audience.

Interview about our soon to be released version

In this blog we had Jesse, our CTO, tell you all about what you can expect from our new version. He explained why we had to start over, in order to keep on greatly improving Triggre. This new version has been live since September now and it is safe to say it lived up to our, and our customers’ expectations. Yes, we are more than just a little proud of that!

Read the interview

Why your kids shouldn’t pursue a career in coding

Well, why shouldn’t they? It’s a provocative title and we believe that this is exactly why this was one of our most popular pieces of content. Schools are focusing on the future and one of the ways they go about this is by offering programming courses. Why this might teach an analytical way of thinking, it is smart not to let your livelihood depend on it.

Read why kids shouldn’t pursue a career in coding

Innovating empowerment

Last year, we told you about our customers. This year, our customers told you about us. We have had several guest authors this year and are very thankful that they took the time to share their vision on their business and how Triggre has helped them. The most popular one was written by Jeroen of AtoomClub, and he explained how Triggre facilitated them in empowering their customers.

Read the guest blog on innovating empowerment

Working at a tech start-up

At Triggre, we are very fond of our company culture. We believe that a good and nurturing enviroment leads to happy co-workers and that happy co-workers have the best ideas. When I started working here, this view became appearent very soon. After a few months I deceided to share my experiences in a blog. And even though I have been shot with a nerf gun more times that I could possibly count, I still think that nerf guns are awesome.

Read about my experiences while working at a (tech) start-up

That’s all folks

Well, for this year at least. Next year we will keep providing you with news, insights and critical views. Most of all we will keep working on providing the world with a fast, easy and fun way to make software. Happy holidays!

Author: Dagmar Ingelse

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