René’s story

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René Stout is responsible for the support of administrative and digital processes at NIBIG, a foundation.

NIBIG is an organization for health care professionals and exploits an online register.

The register offers transparency about the capabilities of health providers and professionals.

Legacy systems, Excel sheets and a rapidly growing organization caused a lot of hassle.

Moreover, the dependency on programmers made René decide to drive this in a totally different direction…

He made this decision after his first experience with Triggre.

After finishing a trial, René put some more effort in working with Triggre.

He figured out that he could create the processes supported by the legacy systems programmer, all by himself when using Triggre.

Making changes or adjustments on request of the board doesn’t require any coordination with the programmer anymore. 

By using Triggre, René is finally able to offer NIBIG the possibility to add new products and services to the online portal. Courses, webinars, events and books.

Payments are processed by the built-in Triggre check-out module.

Learn more about Rene by watching this video.

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