Software creation: the ‘why’ and the ‘how’

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Why do you want to create software in the first place? What motivates you? Probably either one of the following goals: saving costs by automating more aspects of your business or generating more returns. Or, ideally, both of them.

No software, no future

Expensive and comprehensive software creation processes prove to be a hurdle for many organizations. This results in a problem: a lot of time intensive and repetitive tasks are not automated, new business opportunities are missed. If, however, you want to make your business future proof, you need to make software the heart of your business model. In a few years, all business models will have some sort of software component.

As developments follow each other rapidly today, you simply can’t afford to have ‘static’ software. If you want to change your software radically ten days after completing it, you have to be able to do this hassle free. And if you wish to try out a brand-new app and receive real-time user feedback, you should be provided with the opportunity to do so.

Just the fun part

To bring the fun factor back in creating software it needs to become easy-to-adapt, not-complex, and user-friendly. A solution that can repeatedly stand the short tests of time and is able to grow with your company. That’s what we had in mind when we created Triggre.

Can everyone just create software using Triggre? That depends. Have you clarified your business processes and are you able to write them down? Then yes, you can work with it, as Triggre generates your software based on the business process input that you provide it with. All software created with Triggre is automatically tested, you can only create software that really works. We check whether your processes are properly modeled on the fly and issue a clear warning if they need your attention.

In conclusion: yes, you can create software without ever having to see a single line of code. Just know your business process through and through, and you will only experience “the fun part” of software creation!

Becoming an idea generator

Let us tell you briefly about one of our customers. They’ve been working with Triggre for a while now, and after every client meeting, they’re full of inspiration. Triggre welcomes their creativity, allowing them to add new value-adding ideas all the time. Becoming an idea generator and putting all their insights smoothly into practice has made them very happy. And it’s sure made software creation fun!

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