Soon-to-be-released version of Triggre: “Less buttons, more options, greater fun!”

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At Triggre, we believe that everyone should be able to make software. Today, CTO and co-founder Jesse Meijers explains the company’s vision as well as the newest version of Triggre, which will soon be released.

“Creating software quickly, smoothly, and easily”

The IT hassle that many businesses struggle with can be solved through empowerment. “There is a growing shortage of skilled, well-educated developers,” says Jesse. “This places limits on the ability of companies to make the software they need. So we said, ‘What if people on the business side could create software and achieve innovation?’” Shortly afterwards, Triggre was born.

“We talked to companies that were completely committed to fostering the growth of their core product and didn’t have time to work on side projects. Understandable, but a shame – because these projects allow them to save costs and innovate.”

With Triggre, they could finally create their own software. The results were incredible: “Triggre has made the software creation process more than 50 times faster.

Traditional IT projects are often a hassle because they take a lot of time. In our rapidly changing world, this means you constantly need to make adjustments while working on a project. The result is that many projects get increasingly expensive, but never reach the finish line.”

“Simplifying software creation while increasing possibilities”

The more buttons you have, the more difficult it is to navigate and choose: “It’s the same with a restaurant’s menu. I’d rather have 4 options than 100, because it makes for an easier choice.” So Triggre strived for lesser buttons while still providing a lot of functionality from the very start.

“Our new, soon-to-be-released version is a huge step in simplifying the creation of applications without limiting possibilities. In fact, our new version offers even more possibilities than before.”

“Creating software 100 times faster”

The new version of Triggre will make the software creation process at least 100 times faster for those who are used to working with developers: “It will at least double the already incredible speed of the current version. What this could mean, for example, is that you can create custom-made software such as a CRM system, a Supply Chain Management system, or a customer portal within a couple of days instead of months.”

Jesse has noticed that the quick establishment of such complex systems is usually only the beginning: “Once businesses start using their newly created systems, it triggers innovation. They get new ideas, which can also be realized quickly using Triggre. Simplifying the software creation process brings back the fun, and they feel inspired to foster automation.”

If you ask Jesse, the future looks bright: “We aim to turn software creation into a commodity. Currently only very few people can make software, but I believe that the possibilities in this area will only expand. Our goal is to empower people, take the hassle out of IT, and make software creation fun!”

Author: Dagmar Ingelse

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