Sophie’s story

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Sophie Roeters, HR manager at Adeptiv, had a problem.

Adeptiv, a marketing agency (with labels like Yourzine and Searchresult), was, and still is, growing rapidly.

This resulted in serious numbers of new hires.

The workload at the HR department was bursting.

So did the Excel sheets and mailboxes.

The HR team was spending the majority of their time on following up other colleagues, such as IT, operations and managers.

The result? In an inefficient process.

Sophie, together with Albert Kolbach (IT manager), designed an improved and automated process for new hires at their firm.


  • The creation of a labor agreement
  • Creating user accounts
  • Executing all relevant tasks across different departments

“We wanted to automate the manual tasks at HR, as much as possible, in order to save time and money and to be able to let the organization grow.”

The redesigned and improved HR process was the starting point to take off with Triggre.

The result is an online application that is used by multiple labels and business units.

The application generates a labor agreement and contains a workflow that lets users sign the agreement digitally.

Other workflows support the execution of every other task regarding the onboarding of new hires. Workflows like entry badges, users accounts, payslips and ordering a candy pot for the first day of employment at Adeptiv.

Now HR is in control of their processes again and ready for the exiting future of the company.

The HR team can keep track of every step in the process, such as if tasks are executed on time and by the right people.

Moreover, in the future the application will be extended by processes like renewing and terminating employment contracts, onboarding training, offboarding processes and periodical evaluations.

I hope stories like Sophie’s, Triggre you to create!

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