Learn Triggre and create your own, awesome business applications.

Learn Triggre and create your own, awesome business applications.

Learn how to easily build you own powerful applications,
without needing technical knowledge, at the Triggre Academy.

Learn how to easily build your own powerful applications,
without needing technical knowledge, at the Triggre Academy.
Do it yourself

You don’t need any programming experience or technical knowledge. The Triggre Designer will guide you through the complete process of building apps.

Learn everything you need

The online Triggre Academy will teach you everything you need to know, by using video material, online exercises and awesome challenges.

Create perfectly fitting applications

People all around the world have created perfectly fitting business applications with Triggre, now serving more than hundred thousands of users.

What will you get?

Free access to all available content of the Triggre Academy 

Including lots of videos to get you up and running with Triggre and its functionalities

Receive your own, personal Triggre instance 

Your Triggre instance is where you will continue to build your own business applications

Multiple templates for different use cases

Just download a template, make some changes and voìla! Your own business application.

Access to our knowledge base, FAQ and how-to videos

Every month we will upload new content to support your journey!

At the Triggre Academy you will learn...

How to set a goal for your application.

How to start sketching your application.

How to create an application roadmap.

How to build your first application.

“Triggre is very user-friendly, so even a beginner can start building applications right away.”

How does it work?

"I am very surprised of the speed at which you can learn Triggre and how quickly you can develop your own applications as a professional."
Bouwe Koopal
"I wanted to make an application myself, without relying on programmers. I definitely recommend Triggre to anyone who can't afford or won't use programmers."
René Stout
NIBIG Foundation

Frequently asked questions

To start, simply sign up for your free Triggre account by clicking here. You will receive email instructions to follow our short walkthrough that will show you the basics of Triggre. After finishing the walkthrough 100%, you will automatically get your own Triggre instance. You wil also receive access to the Triggre Academy content, templates and our knowledge base.

Your free access to your own, personal Triggre instance and the Triggre Academy, will allow you to discover the strenght and possibilities of the Triggre platform. The Academy videos will show you the functionalities of Triggre, how you can start building your own applications and more. The Triggre templates allow you to easily create your first application. And the knowledge base will support you on your learning journey.

Your free Triggre instance has a limit of 250 actions per month, so you can give Triggre a try. If you want unlimited actions and more support, you can upgrade to our Creator plan

If you have a question about our platform or your application, we are always happy to help. You can schedule a free 1-on-1 session with one of our Triggre Guides or fill in our contact form. Or, you can browse the Triggre forum for questions that have been asked and answered. If you upgrade to the Creator plan, you can post questions on our forum yourself.