Sophie’s story

Sophie Roeters, HR manager at Adeptiv, had a problem. Adeptiv, a marketing agency (with labels like Yourzine and Searchresult), was, and still is, growing rapidly. This resulted in serious numbers of new hires. The workload at the HR department was bursting. So did the Excel sheets and mailboxes. The HR team was spending the majority […]

Adrie’s story

Adrie Dore, Logistics Manager Services at NCR, works for distribution centers in EMEA. A place where hundreds of inbound and outbound parcels are shipped on a daily basis. Most of the time these parcels contain important items, such as parts needed to repair or replace cash machines or registers. These parcels need to be delivered […]

René’s story

René Stout is responsible for the support of administrative and digital processes at NIBIG, a foundation. NIBIG is an organization for health care professionals and exploits an online register. The register offers transparency about the capabilities of health providers and professionals. Legacy systems, Excel sheets and a rapidly growing organization caused a lot of hassle. […]

Bouwe’s story

Bouwe Koopal is an entrepreneur and writer. He is excited about IT and business development. The complexity of the IT industry surprises him time and again. Because business questions that look easy at first, typically lead to extensive projects with a lot of misery. “What I like about Triggre is the simplicity of generating an […]