Why Triggre is great for developers

At Triggre, we use our own product to automate a variety of internal processes. For example, we have applications for registering vacation leave, HRM activities, and invoicing. Having a tool for automating processes, we would be crazy not to use it and make our lives easier, right?

Yet, when our lead architect recently joined us for lunch and asked if he could get a new environment to create a simple application to track licenses of libraries used in Triggre, his request was met with raised eyebrows by some colleagues. Being an excellent programmer, couldn’t he just program this simple application from scratch?

Seeking the challenge

Now of course, our lead architect is perfectly capable of programming such an application by himself. But that doesn’t mean it’s his favorite task in the world. What he truly loves to do is work on more challenging projects, such as Triggre itself. Using Triggre for the creation of a basic application allows him to quickly focus on the tasks that he enjoys to perform.

It is because of those challenging tasks, that he started a career in development in the first place. Creating a form to fill in some data or making a ‘previous’-button in an application, are not those challenging tasks. And that’s why Triggre is so good for developers.

With Triggre, creating process related applications that don’t require hard technical knowledge, can be done by anyone within the organization. This allows developers to focus on more challenging, technical projects that no one else can do.

Slicing onions, potatoes and oranges

Take a chef, for example. A chef starts his career slicing onions, potatoes and oranges over and over again – important skills to master and it creates respect for the process.

As he gets more experienced, works in different kitchens and really becomes a master chef, he does not want to slice onions or oranges anymore. And why would he? He will probably want to start a restaurant and give people an amazing food experience.

But, now imagine the chef writes a cookbook and gives it to people to make his dishes at home. This gives the chef the opportunity to experiment with combining new flavors and creating really technical plates, instead of cooking his restaurants’ menu for people every night.

Because that’s what it’s all about for a chef – and it works the same with careers in development.

Automate the basics

If developers can use Triggre to add a form or create an application in no time, or – even better – if non-technical people in the company can do this themselves, developers get the opportunity to concentrate on more complex issues.

In other words, no more taking on tasks that can be automated by platforms such as Triggre. Instead, developers can again embrace the challenging work that attracted them to their field in the first place!

Triggre’s most mention-worthy releases of 2018

At Triggre, we always focus on improving. That is why back in 2017, we launched a whole new version of Triggre. Following this big release we expanded Triggre with a range of cool features over the course of 2018.

Moreover, we have upgraded our trial process to a version that’s even cooler than it was before. All in all, it was a productive year for our team. Please allow us to briefly share our 2018 release highlights!

From creation to launch: Triggre never sits still

In 2018, we have created and launched many interesting things, which we collect under our release notes. But since we just started a fresh, new year, we will list some of our most mention-worthy releases of 2018 below.

  • New document editor
    Quickly create professional, great-looking invoices, inventory lists, letters, and other documents based on the data in your application. Embrace Triggre’s document editor and design your documents in an innovative, easy way.
  • E-mail attachments
    After creating and uploading documents within Triggre, you can attach those documents to your e-mails. This can be PDFs that you made in the document editor, files uploaded by your co-workers or customers or files that you have uploaded before. It’s all possible!
  • Jumping between user flows
    We can image that you’d want to reuse a user flow at a different spot, without recreating all its functionalities from scratch again. In 2018 we have made it possible to jump from one user flow to the other, just by using a simple button.
  • Connection between Triggre and Zapier
    Ever heard of Zapier? It’s a platform , which allows you to connect web applications with each other, in little workflows. Triggre can now connect with Zapier, which means that an action in Triggre can make something happen in another application – and the other way around!
  • Designer lines
    When you design your application, you create connections in your data model and flows. When holding your mouse over items or selecting them, unconnected items will fade out, to provide more insight into the things that are and are not interconnected. Check out our video for an example.

Let the new year begin

We are very proud of the way in which our product continues to help our customers automate their processes. We are confident that we can expand 2018’s positive developments in 2019, and we look forward to another fruitful year!

The Triggre Academy: An alumni’s experience

To properly kick off the new year, we’d like to share a ‘pioneer’s’ experience with our brand-new Triggre Academy. In this blog, IT consultant Ed Lanen takes up his pen to tell you about his now-completed Explorer course and the subsequent steps he took!

When I decided to develop an IT control framework, I instantly knew I didn’t want to invest the time required to learn an entirely new programming language. Therefore, I researched the market to find a user-friendly tool which would help me get my project off the ground.

A few of them were low-code, but Triggre was the only no-code tool I discovered. After attending an introductory seminar, I was very enthusiastic. Triggre ticked all the boxes: it would allow me to build an application without programming code, and I could master it in the short term.

From Academy to practice

The Academy’s first level, Explorer, was short and concise. You should see it as a hands-on introductory course that allows for gaining some practical experience. Although it’s a step-by-step program, a complete layman probably wouldn’t be able to follow it. I knew the basics, and I believe you need such a foundation to successfully complete this course.

Once you’re an Explorer, you can take the subsequent Ranger course at the Triggre Academy. However, after consulting with Triggre, I decided to skip it and dive into the real work. I was able to do this based on my background and experience, but also because Triggre has provided me with excellent help and guidance along the way!

Well on my way to success

Trying and testing in practice after completing the Explorer course have proved to be invaluable. By now, I’ve passed the 130-hour programming limit, and I’m well on my way: I’ve completed 30-40% of my new tool using Triggre, and I can say for sure the project will succeed.

I never would have been able to make such rapid progress in a traditional development process. In short, Triggre is a fantastic product, and the people behind it are equally great. I’ve done my research, and no other tool I’ve seen compares to Triggre!

If you became curious about the Triggre Academy, you can sign up for our next free introduction session by clicking this link.

From 2018 to 2019! – Part 3

In my previous two blogs, I discussed Triggre’s highlights and milestones of 2018. In this last blog of our three-part series, I’ll share my outlook on 2019, which – in my view – is very promising!

Positive developments, solid foundation

2018 was marked by positive developments: we have welcomed new customers in industries we hadn’t worked with before, we’ve expanded our team, and there is an ever-growing interest in Triggre, which has led to the growth of our company. All in all, we’ve laid a solid foundation to keep expanding next year.

As for me personally, I’ve been spending an increasing amount of my time on attracting new customers. When I started working at Triggre, this was always what we aimed for. So in the past year, I’ve enjoyed gathering more knowledge in this field and bringing my new experience to my other tasks as well. It allows me to be a better Triggre representative and share a lot of in-depth information with my prospects.

2019: the quest continues

In 2019, I am going to focus even more on attracting and welcoming new customers. This has to do with the increasing interest in Triggre, which I believe is directly related to the growth of our marketing footprint, but also with the fact that our current customers are satisfied and want to stay with us in the long term.

Our high customer satisfaction rate has fueled Triggre’s quest to keep growing. The increase of revenue related to our growth, we plan on investing in our product. Because our idea box is far from empty – there are many options and features we’d still like to enrich Triggre with. Continuous improvement and expansion: that’s what we strive for. Not only in 2019, but for years to come!

P.S.: We’re hosting another introduction session of the Triggre Academy on the 13th of February 2019. Would you like to meet us, find out how our software works or see if it’s something that can help you? Sign up here and we’ll tell you all about it.

From 2018 to 2019! – Part 2

2018 has been marked by several milestones and ambitious plans for the new year. In this three-part blog series, I provide my perspective on the past and coming year. Today, part two: hands-on demos, on-the-go applications, and testing Triggre’s security measures in practice.

Building mini-applications on the spot

As a Guide, I often hold demos for potential customers. What I’ve noticed over time is that people understand the concept of Triggre very quickly – they can easily see the benefits of creating an application without the hassle that IT is traditionally associated with.

But I regularly found myself explaining to them where to start. What are the steps that lead to a fully-fledged application? Which steps can you skip when you automate a manual process? Such questions often required further explanation.

Therefore, we switched from merely showing the final result to broadly sharing how and why Triggre works. As of 2018, we follow this with a question: ‘Can you give us a fairly simple example of a (dragging) process you’d like to automate?’ Then, we build a small yet tangible application on the spot to demonstrate how Triggre works in practice. Sometimes, we do this in person – other times, through Skype. Because in 2018, we also started giving more and more online demos.

Automating on-the-go processes

A growing number of people use Triggre on their mobile devices. Our applications have always worked on smartphones and tablets, but the ‘mobile user trend’ has led us to further simplify applications so they are perfectly aligned with mobile users.

For example, one of our customers has made an application with Triggre that allows all on-the-road sales managers to create contracts from clients’ locations. It only takes a few clicks to register the agreement made, put together a contract, and have a PDF version sent to the client automatically through email.

Passed with flying colors

Our first two healthcare customers put Triggre to the test. In healthcare, the handling and security of personal data is more important than in any other industry. It was a great practical test that we passed with flying colors: we didn’t need to make a single adjustment to our software. In other words, our security measures are as thorough as we’d designed them to be!

From 2018 to 2019! – Part 1

2018 has been an eventful year for Triggre. In this three-part blog series, I’d like to look back on the highlights and glimpse into the near future – or, 2019 – from my perspective as a Guide. Today, part one: new customers and industries plus considerable growth.

New customers, new industries

In 2018, a range of new customers have embraced Triggre, some in industries which we hadn’t worked with before – for example, a paper factory. This was interesting, because most of our customers want to automate office-based processes.

But as it turns out, the optimization of production and manufacturing processes isn’t all that different – which was emphasized by the car manufacturer that we also welcomed as a new customer. Using Triggre, they have designed a comprehensive application to optimize the entire process of creating electric cars for elderly people: from manufacturing to ordering parts and providing maintenance.

External, internal, and personal growth

With a flow of new customers – some of which approached us on the recommendation of other companies that are using Triggre successfully – we needed an extra Guide, a Triggre expert who helps our customers navigate the process optimization waters.

Triggre’s growth has also affected me personally: besides being a Guide, I took on sales and business development tasks in 2018. This has enabled me to explain even better what Triggre can do in terms of process optimization – knowledge I happily share with both prospects and customers.

Step-by-step learning approach

Another 2018 milestone was the launch of our new product’s trial, which has been requested and used extensively. It teaches users how to create an application with Triggre step by step, providing a clear online explanation. This approach fits perfectly into the philosophy of the Triggre Academy, which was born in conjunction with our new website.

Through the Academy, people learn how to create an application with Triggre based on a step-by-step, hands-on method. Its purpose is to set up a community of creators who can turn great ideas into useful results, using their Triggre backpack of knowledge. After completing the first program, they can either leave it at that or continue to learn. Ultimately, it is possible to reach the level of a Guide and teach others how to use Triggre!

The Triggre Academy: What to expect?

In our previous blogs, we discussed how the Triggre Academy came into being, what its goals are, and who would benefit from participating in the program. Today, we would like to tell you more about the curriculum itself: what can you expect from the training programs, and in which way are they structured?

Training program: from one task to fully-fledged application

The Triggre Academy consists of three levels. Whether you opt to become an Explorer, a Ranger, or a Guide, you will always need to complete the Explorer program first. During this training, you will learn how to work with Triggre step by step. Along the way, you will get plenty of explanation, and if you have any questions, we are always there to help. As you work through the program, you will see that every step results in a bigger challenge.

You will go from completing a single assignment to performing multiple tasks simultaneously. All your tasks are stored in a separate environment, so you can keep track of what you’ve done. Through this hands-on approach, you will seamlessly arrive at this program’s final assignment: the creation of your very own application from scratch. Once you’ve completed this successfully, you’ll be able to get your Explorer diploma.

What’s next? Well, if you’re craving to do even more with Triggre, you can enroll in the Ranger program, where you will learn how to work with interfaces and other, more complex applications. After that, it’s possible to become the ultimate Triggre expert: a Guide who is qualified to teach others how to use the platform and become Explorers and Rangers.

Unlocking your creativity through experience

Here’s the best part of the Academy’s step-by-step approach: it unlocks your creativity. Once you start performing small tasks, you will quickly see opportunities for improvement within your organization. Before long, you’ll come up with ideas to automate your own processes, thus making your work more efficient and fun.

After all, many people think that the tedious manual tasks are simply part of the job, while this is often untrue. Triggre helps you see how IT can alleviate this type of workload. Not because someone shows it to you, but because you’re experiencing it yourself! Interested in the Triggre Academy? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Triggre Academy: Is it right for you?

In July 2018, we held our first introductory session to make people acquainted with our newly set-up Triggre Academy. Initially, we invited the ‘Creators’: those whose main task it is to make applications for organizations and like to do it. But we quickly noticed that our training program attracted a much broader target group!

People in all age ranges, industries, and professions were interested – from life-long programmers to employees who had recently switched jobs and were suddenly responsible for software creation within their company. So what exactly is the appeal of the Triggre Academy? Could it be useful for you too?

Automation: a new way of thinking

Triggre is a user-friendly, easy-to-work-with platform, even if you’re not software-savvy. It allows you to develop and realize your creative ideas quickly, thus getting the drag out of automation processes. To use it effectively, however, you will need to learn the basics. An introductory session is an excellent way of introducing you not only to the Triggre Academy, but also to a new way of thinking when it comes to automation.

Within a few hours, your view of company processes can change significantly, unlocking the creative mind. Together, we take a look at one pre-selected process and discuss the way in which it can be translated to Triggre. We have experienced that participants are quick to join in on the conversation, and at some point, they conceive new ideas – both for themselves and for their fellow participants.

Give it a try!

While we created the Triggre Academy for a specific target group, we have learned that it is very useful for a variety of people. Are you one of them? Our free introductory session is a great way to find out.

It’s just one morning, free of charge and without obligation. You will learn a lot and should you decide to enroll in our training program afterwards, you can do so at a discounted rate. In case you’re interested in attending a session, you can give us a call or just sign up here!

In our next blog we’ll discuss more about the curriculum of the Academy and what it will teach you.

The Triggre Academy: Goals, approach, plans

At Triggre, we are always looking for more ways to let people experience how easy it can be to create their own software using our platform. We want to take away the threshold which many consider impassable. Of course, Triggre is an easy-to-work-with tool in itself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a learning curve.

From simple mechanical actions to advanced tricks – you’ll need to learn them, preferably in the simplest possible way. Out of this principle, a brand-new training program was born: the Triggre Academy! Its goal: to teach you how to work with Triggre independently, at your own pace, in a fun way.

Step by step and hands on: which level is right for you?

What makes the Triggre Academy a strong concept is our step-by-step learning approach. You don’t have to master an abstract theory first. Our teaching is based on showing you best practices and adopting a hands-on method. Right from the start, you will get to work on practical assignments, so you can quickly see the results of your efforts. At first, these assignments will be small and relatively uncomplicated, but their level of complexity will rise along the way.

Since everyone has their own learning goals, we distinguish between three levels:

  1. The Explorer: create applications of your own that are simplistic in nature.
  2. The Ranger: build all types of applications, including larger, more dynamic ones.
  3. The Guide: acquire the knowledge required to train others, so they can become Explorers and Rangers.

Vision of the future: what to expect?

Our training program aims to teach people how to work with Triggre. But it is also meant to bring them together. Currently, we are working hard on building a creator community. Here, people who use our platform to create software can exchange thoughts and ideas.

Want to know if the Triggre Academy would be of added value for you? Be sure to read our next blog or just come to our next session!

Release notes 2018-09-05

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Release notes 2018-09-05

Connect Triggre with Zapier

Zapier is a program that allows you to connect web applications with each other in little workflows. In these workflows, you can let something happen in one application that is the trigger of an action being performed in another application. And from today on, it is possible to use Zapier with Triggre!

We’ve now made one part of this connection available: an action in Triggre can lead to an action happening in a different application. This can be in Twitter, Gmail, SalesForce, WordPress, LinkedIn, and much more. Keep an eye out for more updates on our Zapier adventure!

Designer lines

Unconnected items will fade out whenever you hold your mouse over items or when you select items. This gives more insight in what is connected to each other – and what not! Take a look at the video below.

[av_video src=’https://www.triggre.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/designer-lines.mp4′ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ av_uid=’av-jibdid1b’]