Oh-Em-Gee OCR

Automate invoice entries by using OCR. Connect your invoice mailbox and transform PDF invoices in to data right away.

Eliminate repetitive manual work
Start approval processes directly
Save time and costs on financial administration
OMG1 accounting-invoice-mail

Use OCR intelligence for your account payable invoices

OMG2 tools-wench

Set up an OCR process within an hour by following our five step approach

OMG3 accounting-document

Use the Triggre invoice template, extend with other invoices of your suppliers

OMG4 data-file-bars-download

Extract data automatically and save in the Triggre database

OMG5 office-file-pdf-1

Attach PDF documents

OMG6 office-sign-document

Start approval processes automatically based on supplier or approval thresholds

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Tips for customizing your template


Whether you want a quick look at this application or use it as a base for your own custom application, feel free to download it now.

To use the template, first store the design on your computer. Open your Triggre Designer and go to Versions. Click theĀ Add button and choose to Upload new version to upload the template.

For more information about downloading and uploading templates, please take a look at our Knowledge Base article about this topic.

This template download will be made available soon. As a registered Triggre Creator, you will receive an email automatically when it’s available!

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