The Netherlands & Belarus: two offices, one team

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Triggre’s awesome team has two offices, one in The Netherlands and one in Belarus. Working with one team that works at different locations asks for a great team spirit.

Whether culture-based or not, adapting to a new company culture has led to a great result: our Belarus establishment and the Netherlands-based office now act as a single team. To me, this shows that Triggre is built on a solid philosophy.

When I started working for Triggre, the office culture was extremely different than what I was used to. So when I started working with Triggre, a 180-degree switch was required: I needed to change my mind about a variety of basic processes.

The company’s revolutionary software makes the lives of business people much easier, and everyone in our team is aware of it: we are changing the IT world by enabling non-programmers to create applications for their own processes. This common purpose has helped unite our employees.

Below, I would briefly like to share some changes we went through in our Belarus office since we joined forces with Triggre. They will demonstrate the views and approach that characterize Triggre.

1. No hierarchy

Someone once told me that managers are only necessary for building processes that ultimately need to run without them. So in a company with fine-tuned processes, the traditional managers – the only kind we used to know in our Belarus office – are not required. At Triggre, directors help team members – they don’t manage them.

2. Maximum transparency

What is the status of a project? Who are our new customers? What are our short-term goals? The company I used to work for didn’t share this kind of news with employees, but Triggre does. We have regular meetings to discuss our annual plans and goals.

This type of involvement results in committed employees, since everyone knows what we are doing and why we are doing it. I’d like to stress out that these updates are really important for any employee of any organization!

3. Valuing talent

When you’re working with highly talented people, it’s a mistake to go the ‘traditional way’ and disregard their opinions about internal processes. At Triggre, we are constantly improving our processes, and many initiatives come from employees. Creativity is highly stimulated in our team.

Also, it is important to offer the employees a moment to share the results of their hard work. Like the Dutch office, the Belarus establishment now celebrates successes. This has worked very well: it helps build a good atmosphere and contributes to having more motivated employees!

The things listed above make Triggre very special to me. It’s all about creativity, freedom to share ideas and building trust within a team – across borders and cultures.

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