The Triggre Academy: An alumni’s experience

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To properly kick off the new year, we’d like to share a ‘pioneer’s’ experience with our brand-new Triggre Academy. In this blog, IT consultant Ed Lanen takes up his pen to tell you about his now-completed Explorer course and the subsequent steps he took!

When I decided to develop an IT control framework, I instantly knew I didn’t want to invest the time required to learn an entirely new programming language. Therefore, I researched the market to find a user-friendly tool which would help me get my project off the ground.

A few of them were low-code, but Triggre was the only no-code tool I discovered. After attending an introductory seminar, I was very enthusiastic. Triggre ticked all the boxes: it would allow me to build an application without programming code, and I could master it in the short term.

From Academy to practice

The Academy’s first level, Explorer, was short and concise. You should see it as a hands-on introductory course that allows for gaining some practical experience. Although it’s a step-by-step program, a complete layman probably wouldn’t be able to follow it. I knew the basics, and I believe you need such a foundation to successfully complete this course.

Once you’re an Explorer, you can take the subsequent Ranger course at the Triggre Academy. However, after consulting with Triggre, I decided to skip it and dive into the real work. I was able to do this based on my background and experience, but also because Triggre has provided me with excellent help and guidance along the way!

Well on my way to success

Trying and testing in practice after completing the Explorer course have proved to be invaluable. By now, I’ve passed the 130-hour programming limit, and I’m well on my way: I’ve completed 30-40% of my new tool using Triggre, and I can say for sure the project will succeed.

I never would have been able to make such rapid progress in a traditional development process. In short, Triggre is a fantastic product, and the people behind it are equally great. I’ve done my research, and no other tool I’ve seen compares to Triggre!

If you became curious about the Triggre Academy, you can sign up for our next free introduction session by clicking this link.

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