The Triggre Academy: Goals, approach, plans

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At Triggre, we are always looking for more ways to let people experience how easy it can be to create their own software using our platform. We want to take away the threshold which many consider impassable. Of course, Triggre is an easy-to-work-with tool in itself, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a learning curve.

From simple mechanical actions to advanced tricks – you’ll need to learn them, preferably in the simplest possible way. Out of this principle, a brand-new training program was born: the Triggre Academy! Its goal: to teach you how to work with Triggre independently, at your own pace, in a fun way.

Step by step and hands on: which level is right for you?

What makes the Triggre Academy a strong concept is our step-by-step learning approach. You don’t have to master an abstract theory first. Our teaching is based on showing you best practices and adopting a hands-on method. Right from the start, you will get to work on practical assignments, so you can quickly see the results of your efforts. At first, these assignments will be small and relatively uncomplicated, but their level of complexity will rise along the way.

Since everyone has their own learning goals, we distinguish between three levels:

  1. The Explorer: create applications of your own that are simplistic in nature.
  2. The Ranger: build all types of applications, including larger, more dynamic ones.
  3. The Guide: acquire the knowledge required to train others, so they can become Explorers and Rangers.

Vision of the future: what to expect?

Our training program aims to teach people how to work with Triggre. But it is also meant to bring them together. Currently, we are working hard on building a creator community. Here, people who use our platform to create software can exchange thoughts and ideas.

Want to know if the Triggre Academy would be of added value for you? Be sure to read our next blog or just come to our next session!

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