Top-notch applications in 4 steps: quality control at Triggre

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Software quality is taken very seriously at Triggre. We firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure. That is why we thoroughly test every new functionality we create. In this blog, we walk you through the steps!

1. The developer’s unit tests

Simply put, unit tests are created to test at code level. Our developers need to write these tests at an early stage, not only to check whether their code works, but also to ensure that future changes to the code don’t accidentally change its behavior.

2. Joint code reviews

As part of our quality process, each code developer needs to review his work with the other developers. This way, everyone can check whether the code has a correct and gap-free underlying logic. Moreover, the team has a thorough look at the code’s legibility.

3. Time for testers

After the first two steps, it is time to put the testers to work. They use different methods to check whether everything works properly. As Triggre has a frontend and backend that communicate through an API, both need to be tested.

First, our testers check if the more technical backend is unflawed, after which they test the frontend’s functionality and usability. If they find things that our developers have overlooked, the team sets to work to solve the issues. Because Triggre works on all devices, tests are conducted on a desktop, as well as on a tablet, and smartphone.

4. The Guides’ internal test

Finally, our Guides get to try out the application before we release it. This allows them to get acquainted with its features and live the full user experience, which helps them communicate about it with our customers.

For Triggre, this fourth step – in which the application is officially in use – is an additional quality check which allows us to discover and fix any last errors. Once this final test is completed, the application is considered ready for release, and our customers can start enjoying its benefits!

Author: Antoine Talen

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