Triggre attains Microsoft Application Development competency

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That’s why, when the first ideas for the Triggre platform were created in 2009, we decided to work with Microsoft technology. After all, we were fluent in it, the technology had proven itself in the many business-critical projects we had done and there was, and still is, a large community around the .Net technology.

Silver Microsoft Application Development Partner

Late last year we attained the Silver Application Development partnership from Microsoft. Microsoft offers a lot of different partnership programs that focus on being able to use Microsoft technology for customers, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, Windows, and all kinds of other knowledge-based partnerships. The application development partnership is different however.

To attain the Microsoft Application Development partnership, our software had to adhere to strict guidelines for software engineering set by Microsoft. These guidelines include best practices on the technical design of the application, as well as performance and security measures that have to be taken into account.

The whole application is then tested, by running a Microsoft test tool while using the application. The results of this test are sent to Microsoft and if the software performs correctly on all points, Microsoft grants the Application Development partnership.

Why Triggre decided to become a Microsoft Partner

We frequently get questions about the technology that we used to build Triggre. Most concern goes out to security, and the choice of programming technology. And while many of our customers feel secure when we tell them we build our software using the latest Microsoft technology, this does not automatically imply the software works correctly.

To prove to our customers that we put a lot of effort in making our software as secure as possible, fast to use and adhere to Microsoft standards, we decided to go for the Silver Application Development partnership. For us, having attained the Silver Microsoft Application Development partnership reflects the huge amount of effort we put into making sure our software is secure, fast and reliable. Something we are very proud of doing, and gives our customers peace of mind.

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