Triggre goes Biggre: CeBIT

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Triggre wants to conquer the world. As every journey starts with the first step, we decided to test the waters abroad. We ordered a beautiful start-up stand, bought matching sweaters and set course for the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

The official CeBIT Welcome Night

We were invited to the Welcome Night on the night before the CeBIT starts. Well, technically speaking we invited ourselves but we think it still counts. Off to a good start with speeches from Angela Merkel and Shinzō Abe and a dance group from Japan that made music with movements. After the formal part, we set out to network. Unfortunately, the rest of the attendees mainly came to eat. The real work had to wait one more day.

On a mission to spread our proposition

We left our office with a mission: Spread the word about Triggre. Beforehand, we decided to use this opportunity to test different ways to explain the value of Triggre. There are many ways to describe the advantages and we tried every one that we could think of. Successfully, I might add, because our story turned out to be music to the ears of our visitors. It seemed like the timing was just right, the information on the side of our stand triggered some interesting questions and our enthusiasm was contagious.

Work hard, play hard

Triggre wouldn’t be Triggre if we didn’t at least try to have just as much fun as hard work. After days of selling, pitching and convincing, we also had some parties we wanted to attend. A big automotive company hosted the best event of the week. They sponsored the start-up area of the CeBIT while looking for possible collaborations. This was a huge success: Fun people, interesting networking opportunities and good food. What more can you wish for?

Triggre is going to get biggre!

What a week it was. If anything, it left us hungry for more. The market is ready, we are prepared, so let’s do this! If you are as enthusiastic as we are, you can help Triggre to get biggre. How? By automatically sharing (some of) our blogposts on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Author: Dagmar Ingelse

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